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    FX 8350
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    2xWD 250GB; 2x250 GB SSD; 8TB Ironwolf pro
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    Benq ish
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  1. Everybody who miss behaviourt and is a little bit like an child would say something like this But clearly it's an copy of this in German But could we stop this I don't think that any of your posts and my answers belongs to this post
  2. Its not disallowed to share an tool in an forum you are not banned in i translates it's for everybody
  3. Oh Sorry I am also Active in an other Forum and i asumed that your Forum also disallow uploading some sorts of files (The other forum only allows arma 3 files like pbo, sqf etc etc) I updated it
  4. It has an bug i noticed today. Its fixed tomorrow if your not sure if its "safe" just look into the source code on github. Everything of this programm is opensource and you can edit it like you want, my only wish would be that if you edit something pleas create an pullrequest or branch that we can share it also pleas give some tip for improves
  5. Hey, I made a tool which should make it easy to create new jobs. It automatically edits the file or just gives you the code to paste. The Tool was written in German before I added English so you just have to swap the language. Its completely open source: https://github.com/TaktischerSpeck/Life_Job_Creator/ https://github.com/TaktischerSpeck/Life_Job_Creator/releases Job creator V2.1.jar Job_creator_V2.zip
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