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  1. Me da que al mamba altis no porque ya lo habeis cerrado .-.
  2. Ok, i solved it. //--- B Key case 48: { if (!_shift && {vehicle player != player} then { if (!TGH_Seatbelt) then { TGH_seatbelt = true; [] call TGH_fnc_hudupdate } else { TGH_seatbelt = false; [] call TGH_fnc_hudupdate }; };
  3. Sorry for late replying, i put that code in fn_keyHandler.sqf,i dont revie any notification , i dont have errors in rpt and all keyhandler actions doesnt work. https://pastebin.com/XZDvTJj6
  4. Hay un tanto por ciento de posibilidad que se envie, lo puedes configurar o quitar la variable, es en esta linea. _chance = random(100); if(_chance >= 50) then {[1,format["ALARM! - Gas Station: %1 is being robbed!", _shop]] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",west]; };
  5. Raul125

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Pd: Usa un buen programa, hazlo despacio, guardarlo bien, busca un tutorial...
  6. Raul125

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Aqui lo tienes, si necesitas ayuda avisa :d phone.psd
  7. I have this script I try this, but it doesnt work, any solution? //C Key case 46: { if (!_shift && {vehicle player != player} then { if (life_seatbelt=false) then { ["Coche","Te has abrochado el cinturon",[0.196,0.937,0.11,1],"cin1"] call UPM_fnc_showNotification; life_seatbelt = true } else { ["Coche","Te has quitado el cinturon",[1,0.114,0.047,1],"cin2"] call UPM_fnc_showNotification; life_seatbelt = false }; };
  8. Raul125

    extDB3 Error

    Ok i solved it, just add 1 more '""[]""' ["INSERT INTO vehicles (side, classname, type, pid, alive, active, inventory, color, plate, gear, damage, impound) VALUES ('%1', '%2', '%3', '%4', '1','1','""[[],0]""', '%5', '%6','""[]""','""[]""','""[]""')",_side,_className,_type,_uid,_color,_plate];
  9. Raul125

    extDB3 Error

    I have this error since i install maverick tuning script, here is my logs, pls help me, thanks. Server log: https://pastebin.com/vYx0gAMk Extdb3 log: https://pastebin.com/v70k8gP3 21-19-18.log arma3server_x64_2019-09-05_21-17-59.rpt
  10. When you save it, the project is copied into the clipboard.
  11. Sorry, i can't help you, i never done this tutorial. Just i found this file, check it: Dialog Tutorial For Noobs.pdf
  12. I did it, and its working, thanks.
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