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  1. 40-60 fps, but every 30 seconds there is a delay of 5 seconds.
  2. 1= 2,40 GHZ 2= I dont know how to do it
  3. Arma 3 server usage 70% of Cpu, with the rest apps, the cpu is 85%. https://gyazo.com/081d472aa2649cf247ee6d4ba315e2c4 Specifications: CPU: four cores Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3 8 GB RAM 200 GB disk space SSD I use Windows server 2012R2 If you need, here is my rpt, and ask me if you need any more. arma3server_2019-04-28_13-13-41.rpt
  4. Hello, Here is a tutorial on how to work in McDonald´s. Difficulty: Easy Source: Author: MrKraken / Edited by me. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Navigate to the core folder and then the functions folder, create a file called fn_work.sqf and paste the following or download it: /* file: fn_work.sqf Author: MrKraken Made from MrKrakens shop robbing tutorial on www.altisliferpg.com forums // Edited By Raúl Rueda // Free Description: Executes the work action! Idea developed by PEpwnzya v1.0 */ private["_robber","_shop","_kassa","_ui","_progress","_pgText","_cP","_rip","_pos"]; _shop = [_this,0,ObjNull,[ObjNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; //The object that has the action attached to it is _this. ,0, is the index of object, ObjNull is the default should there be nothing in the parameter or it's broken _robber = [_this,1,ObjNull,[ObjNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; //Can you guess? Alright, it's the player, or the "caller". The object is 0, the person activating the object is 1 //_kassa = 1000; //The amount the shop has to rob, you could make this a parameter of the call (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction). Give it a try and post below ;) _action = [_this,2] call BIS_fnc_param;//Action name if(side _robber != civilian) exitWith { hint "You can not work here!" }; if(_robber distance _shop > 10) exitWith { hint "You need to be within 15m of the cashier to work!" }; if !(_kassa) then { _kassa = 1000; }; if (_rip) exitWith { hint "Already started work!" }; if (vehicle player != _robber) exitWith { hint "Get out of your vehicle!" }; _rip = true; _kassa = 6000 + round(random 5200); _shop removeAction _action; _chance = random(100); [[2,"MCDONALDS IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS"],"life_fnc_broadcast",nil,false] spawn life_fnc_MP; //Setup our progress bar. disableSerialization; 5 cutRsc ["life_progress","PLAIN"]; _ui = uiNameSpace getVariable "life_progress"; _progress = _ui displayCtrl 38201; _pgText = _ui displayCtrl 38202; _pgText ctrlSetText format["currently at work (15m) (1%1)...","%"]; _progress progressSetPosition 0.01; _cP = 0.0005; if(_rip) then { while{true} do { sleep 0.85; _cP = _cP + 0.001; _progress progressSetPosition _cP; _pgText ctrlSetText format["Working at Mcdonalds, stay close (15m) (%1%2)...",round(_cP * 100),"%"]; if(_cP >= 1) exitWith {}; if(_robber distance _shop > 16) exitWith { }; }; if!(alive _robber) exitWith { _rip = false; }; if(_robber distance _shop > 16) exitWith { _shop switchMove ""; hint "You need to stay within 15m! - Your Fired."; 5 cutText ["","PLAIN"]; _rip = false; }; 5 cutText ["","PLAIN"]; titleText[format["You have completed your shift $%1 !",[_kassa] call life_fnc_numberText],"PLAIN"]; life_cash = life_cash + _kassa; [[1,format["Mcdonalds", _shop, _robber, [_kassa] call life_fnc_numberText]],"life_fnc_broadcast",west,false] spawn life_fnc_MP; _rip = false; life_use_atm = true; if!(alive _robber) exitWith {}; }; sleep 10; _action = _shop addAction["Start Work",life_fnc_work]; _shop switchMove ""; 2. Open your mission.sqm in the editor and go to a gas station you wish to rob and add then following to the init line of the NPC: this addAction["Start Work",life_fnc_work]; 3. Go back to your root directory and open functions.hpp, once opened, find class Functions and at the end of the block add: class work {}; 4. Play and enjoy fn_work.sqf
  5. Raul125

    extDB2 TO extDB3

    I have tried everything and it is not solved, I will start from scratch with version 5.5 thanks for trying to help.
  6. Raul125

    extDB2 TO extDB3

    extdb3.log here is the rpt and extdb3 config https://gyazo.com/978d2b872afd9641160cf32c11806d13 if you need anything else let me know I think that is extdb3: error with database, but config is fine i think arma3server_2019-03-14_15-35-53.rpt
  7. Raul125

    extDB2 TO extDB3

    I tried to do this But setting up client please wait. I hope there is another solution to having to create another mission from scratch.
  8. Raul125

    extDB2 TO extDB3

    Hi, my vps only supports extDB3 and create my mission with extDB2 from base 4.4 of altis life, how could I change the configuration to use extDB3? Thank you
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