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  1. no were still working on it @Kaiden
  2. im working on a tazer script that takes like 2 shots to down someone instead of 1 i havent edited the tazer.sqf just the handle damage this is what i inserted if ((damage player)<.5) exitwith {player setDammage .5}; if ((damage player)>=.5) then { heres where i added it into the script (Line 34) What would you say is your understanding of SQF and or SQL on a scale of 1/10: 3
  3. i managed to fix the stuff saving and houses by just reinstalling the debit card script on a new life_server file but im still getting a playtime error which will probably cause issues later down the road
  4. oh sorry i miss read your post that would be awesome if you could fix it PM me and i can give you what you need @Fresqo
  5. says 4.4r3-5.0 is that what you mean? or do you mean its not in the mission file when you download it? @fresqo
  6. ive tried and cant get it to work i put in the original life server and its still not saving houses like its saving them in the database but when the player disconnects and comes back they cant unlock it. server rpt: https://pastebin.com/SZQf6hEZ
  7. im using 4.4R4 my server host said 5.0 isnt stable?
  8. so i deleted my line again and when i joined it set it to the right format https://gyazo.com/a9b6722b62ac2752bbcdc9f8e653d06a but when i synced and left and came back it went back to this https://gyazo.com/31af7fbbff0ba77371cc29d3001110c0
  9. https://gyazo.com/f2f165da4c51a155a1423047e4034b5a is this what your talking about? i deleted the field for me so im on the bottom. whenever i try to change the field is just goes back to [] when i join back same with the position. how do i reset the playtime im new to MySQL @imthatguyhere
  10. i use armahosts they gave them to me when they set up my server @Fawks
  11. https://pastebin.com/j5CjpS1W ive always had this problem sense i started the server
  12. i managed to fix the houses not saving but now gear and location isnt persistant and i have checked the config_master pastebins: quearyrequest: https://pastebin.com/U1bnd3FP fn_updateRequest.sqf and fn_mresToArray.sqf: https://pastebin.com/RxVQrtbp server RPT: https://pastebin.com/9vWLXKbn setPlayTime.sqf: https://pastebin.com/Rv80BdUE @Fawks
  13. ive been having issues with my server saving things i got it to save everything but now houses wont save... if anyone can help me figure out how to fix it i would be very grateful! What would you say is your understanding of SQF and or SQL on a scale of 1/10: 2.5(dabbled in all types of coding though) server rpt: https://pastebin.com/MTN1uess extdb log: No errors client RPT: https://pastebin.com/WybrKmSR
  14. Client RPT: https://pastebin.com/Fmf84iLy server rpt: https://pastebin.com/61aPjNqx fn_QueryRequest: https://pastebin.com/Kg2dL2CF
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