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  1. This guy should get a 2nd chance. He did great stuff for the forums :/

    1. Hammo00 [RipperRP]
    2. ✪Skruf <3

      ✪Skruf <3

      Not 100% sure but i belive he took paid for scrips on the forums or something. Not sure

  2. Arnt you moderator??

    1. Jason_000


      No. He was removed from the community.

    2. Oscar
  3. @Dark if you have a fix post it you don't need to ask to post it.
  4. Yea.....So this is no longer needed since you can add it in by default now. they mad a tab for you to add them in.
  5. Then cut the ropes before storing?
  6. That's a mod and I give no mode support. Sorry man.
  7. Author: [STELS]Zealot 1. Inside Altis_Life.Altis make a new folder called scripts. Inside that folder make a new file called zlt_fastrope.sqf: /* v1g Fast Rope by [STELS]Zealot */ #define MAX_SPEED_WHILE_FASTROPING 10 #define MAX_SPEED_ROPES_AVAIL 20 #define STR_TOSS_ROPES "Toss Ropes" #define STR_FAST_ROPE "Fast Rope (Press Space)" #define STR_CUT_ROPES "Cut Ropes" if (isdedicated) exitwith {}; waituntil {player == player}; zlt_rope_ropes = []; zlt_mutexAction = false; zlt_rope_helis = ["O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_F","O_Heli_Light_02_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_0
  8. Authors: Lowheartrate & Panada Old Post Here 1. Make a File inside core\actions Called: fn_gagAction.sqf /* File: fn_gagAction.sqf Author: Lowheartrate & Panda */ private["_unit"]; _unit = cursorTarget; if(isNull _unit) exitWith {}; if((player distance _unit > 3)) exitWith {}; if((_unit getVariable "gagged")) exitWith {}; if(side _unit == west) exitWith {}; if(player == _unit) exitWith {}; if(!isPlayer _unit) exitWith {}; _unit setVariable["gagged",true,true]; [player] remoteExec ["life_fnc_gagged", _unit,false]; hint format["You gagged %1.", _unit ge
  9. This a older script from the old Altis Life Site. Author: RYN_Ryan Updated By: AlaskaVet All Edits are done in your life_server 1. inside life_server\init.sqf Add: [] execVM "\life_server\Functions\Airdrop\config.sqf"; [] execVM "\life_server\Functions\Airdrop\fn_generateAirdropAuto.sqf"; 2. Open life_server\config.cpp under class TON_System Add: class Airdrop { file = "\life_server\Functions\Airdrop"; class generateAirdrop {}; }; 3. Put the Airdrop folder in life_server\Functions And your All done. To edit were the airdrops drop, Open life_
  10. What dose your server have to offer? What would make people want to play on your server?
  11. This is a infiSTAR issue not ours. Message them on how to filter it out.
  12. Open file fn_p_openMenu.sqf Case civilian Add: ctrlShow[1210,false]; ctrlShow[2008,false]; Case West Add: ctrlShow[1207,false]; ctrlShow[1209,false];
  13. you have 0 erros in your server rpt and your EXTDB log?
  14. Should be working 100% I updated the post and did a fresh install on a fresh dev branch server so 5.0.0 and worked great.
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