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  1. Thank you! It means a lot Kevin. Feel free to join us since we need more players and atm we dont have any NHS members and we only got one police officer.
  2. Exactly. We are actually improving this server DAILY and trying to make it as unique as possible. APD Checkpoint in our server isnt just a checkpoint. You need a specific license for it which we call it "APD Checkpoint Pass" and if you have one, you can get through the checkpoint. So it is some kind of a script we have done there. Police departments, once again it is RPU, NPAS and so on. The ones that have RPU license will have access to RPU weapon shop, clothing etc...
  3. Thank you for saying congratulations, means a lot. We are doing some of our own code at the moment and trying to improve this server and updating it constantly. Atm, we need to add so that the police can revoke licenses and search player inventory which we don't know how, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Im not talking about police stations. I'm talking about departments, NPAS etc.
  5. Thank you for your honest feedback, we are atm trying to improve the server as much as possible and we might change the police car skins. There are some scripts here where we haven't got it from here, for example, black market, insurgents, APD checkpoint, police departments and some others.
  6. Introduction Hi viewer, we have now launched an Altis life server. The server is called FuriousRP. What we focus here is the roleplay and realism of Altis life. FuriousRP Development team have put a lot of effort into this server before we were going to release it, so the server has a lot of scripts to offer to you! At the moment, we need some staff, cops and nhs. So if you are up for that, join us! Features Beautiful detailed cop uniforms from rank 1-8 (Every rank gets different uniform) Detailed Altis Life map Insurgents as faction Black Market
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