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  1. @Murali https://pastebin.com/z3kipbaD
  2. Hey @Fawks and @Jack VenoM, the problem I have is just with uniforms in general. I use infostands not any NPC's. So just normal uniforms I can't get to work. When I go into the shop to buy them I just see the normal uniforms it is meant to overwrite not the skin I added.
  3. Hey guys I posted in the discord but this may be easier to keep track on and maybe help for others in future. I am having an issue with cop skins. For some reason after I think doing everything right I still cannot get them to work. When i go into the store all I see is the uniform the skin is meant to overwrite so example the rangemaster and the U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt ect. It's just those uniforms and not the file it's meant to be. Here are my pastebins: fn_playerskins.sqf - https://pastebin.com/UbMUkSKz client rpt - https://pastebin.com/vZAuPEWK config_clothing.sqf - https://pastebin.com/4nSBuzzA
  4. Never mind I actually sorted it out hahahah. Thanks anyway mate
  5. https://pastebin.com/QZjWpri4 There you go mate.
  6. Hey guys market works perfect for me, was just wondering if anyone could help with adding something to the market. For example all I want to add is turtles. How would I go about that? I tired to copy and paste gold buyers but change it to turtle_raw along with filling out the rest of the things in the market configuration sqf but couldn't get it to work. Any ideas?
  7. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has Aussie police skins at all, for everything like cars, helis and units. It would be greatly appreciated. I tried to make my own but I suck with photoshop. Thank you!
  8. You sir are a legend! I didn't even know they were in there all along hahahhaa. One more question then. How do I then make them what I want like, car and air garage, or rebel shop ect.
  9. Hey guys was wondering if anyone had a tutorial on how to make shops/garages ect into tablets like this photo. I have tried to look everywhere and cannot find it. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys can I please get some help adding a logo on the intro cam coming down from the sky for a few seconds. I tried searching and couldn't find anything and the comments earlier on this thread didn't work. Any suggestions. PS I got this to work all perfectly fine with music as well.
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