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  1. Could you post a screenshot?
  2. I'm sorry, my bad, I've tried the CASH = CASH + _price; being changed to CASH = CASH + (_price * (missionNamespace getVariable ["mav_ttm_var_weaponshopMultiplier", 1])); Then making the functions file and making it 0.75 for a percentage off, but then it wont let me buy weapons. cant figure it out for backpack weight either
  3. if (!([str(_value)] call TON_fnc_isnumber)) exitWith {hint localize "STR_ATM_notnumeric"}; Find this Line in you bankwithdraw, bankdeposit and banktransfer files and '//' them out.
  4. Tried that but for some reason I just can't hit that sweet spot
  5. Hi There, Sorry to bother the folks of this forum but I can't seem to get help elsewhere. Basically I'm looking to add new perks for lets say Infinite Running, Cheaper weapons and vehicles every other level, faster gathering and unlimited lock picks/ no siren noise. Not looking for the entire script obviously just looking for a push in the right direction of what I'm looking to change as I've tried the Cash = Cash _price for weapons and my stamina won't go back unlimited for some reason. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Has anyone sussed how to pull restrained cops out of vehicles?
  7. Ok so i'm running a very early version of 4.4..... If i was to update 5.0 i will have to add EVERYTHING again.. correct? but i should be able to just overwrite most files right? would that work?
  8. was going to but i couldn't get my hands on the actual files for it, I've already almost completed my server anyway, it would probably take me too long to add everything again, I just checked, i dont rip
  9. Sorry I should have worded this a lot better, I’m wanting to gather both but a random chance. But be able to process both at 1 processor
  10. So I've set up a life server on my Linux VPS.. but when the server launches it doesn't find my @life_server, or my @infistar_a3 or my @extdb2, Their all in my command line but idk why they wont find them, I've made sure they are spelt exactly the same too. Any help would be lovely. 18:15:05 @infistar_a3 | @infistar_a3 | false | NOT FOUND | | | 18:15:05 @extDB2 | @extDB2 | false | NOT FOUND | | | 18:15:05 @life_server | @life_server | false | NOT FOUND |
  11. So I'm wanting to make a metal gathering area where you gather iron/copper at the same location and the same with the processor.. will i just add this to the icons then add it to a stringable for the mine? For fields - @STR_MAR_Iron_Mine;@STR_MAR_Copper_Mine for processor - this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false; this addAction[localize"STR_Process_Iron",life_fnc_processAction,"iron",0,false,false,"",' life_inv_ironUnrefined > 0 && !life_is_processing']; this addAction[format["%1 ($%2)",localize (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "iron" >> "displayName")), [(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "iron" >> "price"))] call life_fnc_numberText],life_fnc_buyLicense,"iron",0,false,false,"",' !license_civ_iron && playerSide == civilian '];this addAction[localize"STR_Process_Copper",life_fnc_processAction,"copper",0,false,false,"",' life_inv_copperUnrefined > 0 && !life_is_processing']; this addAction[format["%1 ($%2)",localize (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "copper" >> "displayName")), [(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "copper" >> "price"))] call life_fnc_numberText],life_fnc_buyLicense,"copper",0,false,false,"",' !license_civ_copper && playerSide == civilian ']; Cheers in advanced.
  12. # Start server ./arma3server [email protected]_a3\;@extdb2\;@life_server\;heli\;jets\;kart\;mark -port=2302 -config=config.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg This is my current command line.. i'm not sure why they aint all being enabled, its in my server directory too.
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