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  1. These poorly written directions need to be updated.
  2. Yay! Great Script and thank you for posting it. I do have one question though. How would I write it if say I, wanted to add another item attached to the script. What would be between "SmokeShellOrange" and "1Rnd_SmokeOrange_Grenade_shell" to say either can work. For example, waituntil{ ((nearestObject [getpos player, "SmokeShellOrange", "1Rnd_SmokeOrange_Grenade_shell"]) distance player < 10) and (getpos (nearestObject [getpos player, "SmokeShellOrange", "1Rnd_SmokeOrange_Grenade_shell"]) select 2 < 0.5) };
  3. Works! I had to put it in Actions Folder to get it to work. Thank you so much for posting this it was a vital missing piece to my puzzle
  4. What I post is how it worked for me. When other people say it doesn't work I, offer my solution. Like most all programmers sometimes, I may leave a lil thing miss-spelled or such on purpose to get people to use their brains and try to problem solve it them selves. It's all about teaching people not just doing it for them. So those errors are there for a reason. Different versions may require it to be installed differently also. On another note people do make mistakes. But my mistakes usually are not and server a purpose. P.S. Best just to give your corrections and move on. No need to be rude. Hell why don't you just write it yourself instead of complaining bout it. Extra comments like that start forum arguments and I'm just going to be the bigger man here and state the obvious and move on like you shoulda done.
  5. My Troll Sense's are tingling.
  6. Cars not that big a deal. I didn't know that worked for helis also but, heli's I can see the big issue there.
  7. Sure! I'll msg ya with it. No need to post that here. Hope it helps ya.
  8. I put this in for 2nd time and it works just like it says. Though I did not do the part where it says how to add icon and stuff, I can do that later. Point is its, in there and works. I am going to turn that dmg reduction down abit more to where a crash is just survivable at like 25%-15% life left. Thanks for posting this, anychance you can tell us how to add the ejection part it, for those of us who would still like to have that implemented plz?
  9. I have no real oppion on this other then, the ability to pick it back up and drag it to where ya wanna place it without having to spawn another would be nicer due to, the way the despawn works as a radious. Instead of deleting the items around ya, could just drag the item ya want back where ya want it or, drag it off to be deleted away from other items. Either way looks like a cool feature non the less. I'm not that kinda wizzard yet so my knowldge is limited on what is easily achievable.
  10. This is a handy script, works like it is suppsed too. Could be a good admin tool aswell. Would like to see lv restrictions applied so maybe only sergant or higher lv can have accsess to this and not a lower lv cadet or patrol officer for example. Also would like to note for everyone that, after selecting your placeable item, instead of scrolling down to (Drop) at bottom of the list ya, can instead just click close and it will drop the item aswell. Thanks for posting this. Good work!
  11. Yay! I figured something out that I had done wrong so I went back and put this script backin and replaced the item with the original grey vest (although changing the vest did not matter it, just looks better) it was completly my nub error. I happend to place something in wrong place but, all fixed now. This works just like it is supposed to. Thanks again man.
  12. Fixing to test this myself but, am wondering if it is possible to add these to the list. "RoadCone_F", "Land_PortableLight_single_F", "Land_PortableLight_double_F"
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