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  1. Sinister Life is a new and upcoming Arma 3 Life Modded Server. Discord: https://discord.gg/Gd4dQGBATt Teamspeak IP: SinisterLife Our Map as stated in the title will be Lakeside and we have many custom features that our Development team has put time and effort into creating: - Realistic Tazer Effects and sounds (Not the default flop on the floor) - Growing your own crops: Weed Coke Corn Opium Tobacco - Custom Jail Escape Script Instead of Usual Escape Methods - Debit Card System (With Spending Caps - AI Convoys - ATM/Gas Station Robberies - Families, Gangs and Units - Custom prison, police headquarters, federal reserve and more - Unique Highway system - Police Database - Various factions (LSPD,LVMS, DOJ) - Advanced drug farming system - Less Grind, easier farming (applies for illegal & legal jobs) And Much more, here are a few screenshots so far (More to come on discord): Or become a Minecraft Character
  2. Server is up and already averaging at around 80 players peak, launched 5 days ago and PsiSyn has done 3 videos on it. Would explain what is in it but you can see from these videos. Forums: https://activeroleplay.com/ https://youtube.com/watch?v=_oiNxH7dk2Y&t=34s
  3. Do you have a website @dexatrin82 and where is the server located? US/EU/AU
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