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  1. Monztuh_Angel

    Need help whitelisting cops.

    ah I see just wondering whether it was a preset type of access deal. Thanks
  2. Monztuh_Angel

    Need help whitelisting cops.

    ok but what do the levels rank as? 1 through 7 is what though?
  3. Monztuh_Angel

    infiSTAR - AntiHack

    but that would require me to go into my php everytime I want to give my self or other players money as rewards
  4. Monztuh_Angel

    infiSTAR - AntiHack

    Hm, any idea how to fix that?
  5. Monztuh_Angel

    Landing Site For Your Community!

    So, im guessing I would need to host my own internet website to use this template correct?
  6. Monztuh_Angel

    infiSTAR - AntiHack

    yes I did that it turns out to be a small no sense problem got it working. BUt when I try to give all licenses to me nothing happens nor when I put money into my bank?
  7. Monztuh_Angel

    infiSTAR - AntiHack

    HOW can I get infistar to run on here? its much simpler on exile server