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  1. I do see where your coming from but this is how I've always done it and your the first person to ban me for it. I don't want staff, I just want something other than Youtube to do. What I would have expected and liked was a little conversation about it before banning me. If you wanna unblock my Discord then we can talk away from here?
  2. If I learned anything from education, you do experiments more than once to remove false positives hence doing it 3 times. I informed you that there was a dupe bug, told you which one it was giving you enough information to figure it out without help. Then I went to bed. When I woke up I offered you help in fixing these issues to which I was responded to with a ban. Sure it was economy breaking amounts of money but I did not spend it or give it out. I was planning on telling you about the amount I had accumulated but as you banned me without speaking to me why would I? I wouldn't consider myself a hacker, duper or glitcher. Yea I duped but it was in your interest hence telling you about it.
  3. I test before asking so I know what I don't need to waste time asking about... The fact I tested it to the balance of $6.8m and stopped, while still only buying a backpack and NOTHING else gaining NO advantage you banned me without any form of conversation about the money. If I come to you about a dupe bug you should expect an abnormal amount of money/gear. I would have elaborated more on it but I had turned my PC off to go to bed. The first thing I did this morning was message you about fixing it but was banned before I could even explain anymore.
  4. I thought I would try this server out, it looked promising. But from my experience I do know a few exploits so I decided to try a few to see if they worked. One of them did and it earned my $6.8m within a few seconds. I then explained to the owner the bug (see screenshot #1) and to my surprise he did nothing about it, he didn't even google what I said to figure out a fix. He then banned me without asking me any further questions about how I had come about that amount of money, not even if I had made it legit, simply banned for having $6.8m. The bug which I told him about took about 1 minute to find on google (see screenshot #2) and probably 5 minutes to fix. I would like to recommend this server but sadly due to the lack of communication from the staff team to me about my bank balance I cannot. I hope they do well as a community and that they change their ways when dealing with their players.
  5. 'the one I'm running which has very tight rules when it comes to staff and abuse' I don't get videos made or comments made about abuse from my server. The rules we have are quite laid back, they are there as more of a guide and some wont really be enforced. The rules are only strict for the staff team to make sure things like the stuff that happens in the video Fawks sent doesn't happen. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, you run your server your way.
  6. It upsets me how servers like this get attention when the one I'm running which has very tight rules when it comes to staff and abuse, doesn't get any players that stay. Those that do join my server run around for about 3 minutes then disconnect, that's if they don't disconnect straight after connecting. The ones that do stay for a bit, beg for ranks, abuse them then leave when I try to deal with the mess they create abusing the roles or they just stay inactive because there are no players on the server. I've put a lot of time, effort and money into my server but it's not getting the recognition I think it deserves.
  7. I would like to share our Trello which contains all of our update information - https://trello.com/b/1LGJ2Un8/gorilla-gaming-altis-life
  8. Hello everyone! I decided to make this post to tell everyone who we are and what we do. We are a group of friends making an Altis Life server as you probably know. We started development a few months ago and we've come a long way since then! We are always looking for improvements and suggestions so if you ever feel like helping us out feel free to make a post at the suggestion forum. We are also looking for members to our staff team, as well as APD and AMS. If you wish to apply then the applications can be found on our forum - https://gorilla-gaming.co.uk/! We have a Teamspeak so if you wish to join it to talk to us or just relax you can join it with this IP: We also have a Discord that will be used for updates as well as faction and staff communication. If you wish to join here is the invite link - https://discord.gorilla-gaming.co.uk/. What we have right now: Custom skins Speed cameras Full whitelist integration Police ANPR Custom HUD Gang zones Advanced rebel Zipties Perk system Shooting range Advertising reward system Barrier script CPR Kit Car bombs Cyanide pills GPS Tracker Random weapon dealer Suicide vests Custom medic system Custom name tags and Group hexagons We have so much more coming! And we hope to see you there!
  9. Looking into starting an altis life server but I am in need of people to help run it. If you are interested then be sure to PM me and we can talk. I have a fully functional altis life server which is quite custom and wouldn't mind using them or we could start fresh. If this is in the wrong place could it be moved instead of being deleted or commented about, thanks!
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