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  1. Regardless what your situation is, having a lot network traffic is horrible and causes a lot of lag and bandwidth issues.
  2. But regardless of what anyone says here, The guy that posted this in the first place has no clue what hes doing cause he ripped it off another mod and prob doesn't know much about SQF. Theres much better ways to do everything here, and publicVariable'ing all your shit is a horrible idea and the OP is also just a horrible way of doing it.
  3. Add me on steam @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/6IX6OD/
  4. Write some real code and then you can come back to this post. @BizonS Congrats on the launch of your new server, I wish you guys the best of luck, If you need scripting assistance, let me know.
  5. This is by far the most useless post of 2019, no more please. @XaFlaForo
  6. @imthatguyhere @Deadlesszombie @Resonance
  7. So, little update, my test server that i just installed again for the first time in like a month, doesnt wanna work. I dont know why, but it works 100% with Exile Mod and Gun Game. Im using the normal life files with 0 edits, other than placing the mission.sqm and the database name. It just spam reads the mission file and tbh i cant be asked to continue to figure it out, so if someone wants to help me test this that would be great lmao.
  8. Hello everyone, As the titles explains i'm going to be releasing free scripts to the community, for FREE. No charges or requirements or what not. You ask, ill make it and release it. I have some free time and ill be doing my best to complete everything you all ask for, or even if you have an error on your server, post it here and ill fix it. Or maybe missing a function to complete your script, let me know what to make and ill finish it up for you. Rules : Don't ask me to make something that is obviously not possible in ArmA, i cannot re code the vehicle mechanics ..... Be reasonable ❤️ Contact : Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/6IX6OD/ Discord - 6IX#7771
  9. Well the way i created it, you wont need to edit the mod files to get this to work, im not a shitty life developer lol. It does a check when you interact with the door on the client, figuring out if you have a key card and if not it wont open the door. Another thing is, the cops and what not will need to spawn with the cards. Some peoples server setups might spawn the cops outside the building not allowing the cops to get inside "purchase" a free key.
  10. I honestly have no idea what a Mattust building is, but im making it built into the framework so its not mod dependent and its universal.
  11. That wasn't what i was looking for, i have to let the server know that ALL of the buildings classified as a police building, or a prison to be able to be locked. Thats what im currently working on now.
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