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  1. I left it "hard coded" around my no longer active community intentionally as an example so users can see and test out some stuff. The point is that i can be built for other community by me. Well I suppose I didn't explain my intention with this well enough. As for TFAR lib it's under APL-SA license and no other restriction on distribution afaik.
  2. I don't do that but sure, you can't take me word for it. In that case I will take it down. But for the argument sake, it's NOT ok to advertise your "product" because there are no source files, it may contain a virus etc. But it's ok to do that if buy an ad space? I've created something for Arma which Im proud of, these forums are pretty much the only ones out there where life community is gathered so I figured it's the only way to get the word out. I suppose I could share the source with site admin and have him approve it but other that that it's a no. Also if you rely on online virus scan, my tool has passed.
  3. Sure because these days every app written by someone contains a keylogger or some other crap. What is this? The 90's?
  4. //Taken down by myself
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Trunk content Author: Fubister Difficulty: Easy Description: This modification lets players see content of their virtual trunk in the garage menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open stringtable.xml in your main mission directory. Find: <Key ID="STR_Shop_Veh_UI_Armor"> <Original>Armor Rating:</Original> <Czech>Armor Hodnocení:</Czech> <Spanish>Clasificación de Armadura:</Spanish> <Russian></Russian> <German>Panzerungsbewertung:</German> <French>Blindage :</French> <Italian>Resistenza:</Italian> <Portuguese>Resistência:</Portuguese> <Polish>Pancerz</Polish> </Key> add after <Key ID="STR_Shop_Veh_Trunk"> <Original>Trunk content:</Original> <Czech>Obsah kufru:</Czech> <Spanish>Contenido del tronco:</Spanish> <Russian>Содержимое соединительной линии:</Russian> <German>Inhalt des Trunk:</German> <French>Contenu de la malle:</French> <Italian>Contenuto del tronco:</Italian> <Portuguese>Conteúdo do Tronco:</Portuguese> <Polish>Zawartość bagażnika:</Polish> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Shop_Veh_Trunk_Empty"> <Original>Empty</Original> <Czech>Prázdný</Czech> <Spanish>Vacío</Spanish> <Russian>пустой</Russian> <German>Leeren</German> <French>Vide</French> <Italian>Vuoto</Italian> <Portuguese>Esvaziar</Portuguese> <Polish>Pusty</Polish> </Key> Open dialog/function/fn_garageLBChange.sqf Add 2 new variables: _inventory and _inventoryShow so it looks like this: private ["_control","_index","_className","_classNameLife","_dataArr","_vehicleColor","_vehicleInfo","_trunkSpace","_sellPrice","_retrievePrice","_sellMultiplier","_price","_storageFee","_purchasePrice","_inventory","_inventoryShow"]; Find: _classNameLife = _className; Add after: _inventory = (_dataArr select 2); _inventoryShow = ""; Find: if (!(_retrievePrice isEqualType 0) || _retrievePrice < 1) then {_retrievePrice = 500;}; Add after: if(str(_inventory) in ["[]","[[],0]",'"[[],0]"','"[]"']) then { _inventoryShow = localize "STR_Shop_Veh_Trunk_Empty"; } else { _inventory = toArray(_inventory); for "_i" from 0 to (count _inventory)-1 do { _sel = _inventory select _i; if(_sel == 96) then { _inventory set[_i,39]; }; }; _inventory = toString(_inventory); _inventory = call compile format["%1", _inventory]; if(typeName _inventory == "STRING") then {_inventory = call compile format["%1", _inventory];}; if(count _inventory != 0) then {_inventory = _inventory select 0;}; { _name = M_CONFIG(getText,"VirtualItems",(_x select 0,0),"displayName"); _val = (_x select 1); if (_val > 0) then { _inventoryShow = _inventoryShow + format ["%1 x%2",localize _name,_val] + ", "; }; } forEach _inventory; }; Find: (CONTROL(2800,2803)) ctrlSetStructuredText parseText format [ Change and add: " +(localize "STR_Shop_Veh_UI_Fuel")+ " %7<br/> " +(localize "STR_Shop_Veh_Trunk")+ " %9 ", Find: _vehicleColor Replace and add: _vehicleColor, _inventoryShow Open dialog/function/fn_impoundMenu.sqf Find: _tmp = [(_x select 2),(_x select 8)]; Replace with: _tmp = [(_x select 2),(_x select 8),(_x select 9)]; Now we move to server side Open life_server/Functions/Systems/fn_getVehicles.sqf Add inventory to the _query to make it look like this: _query = format ["SELECT id, side, classname, type, pid, alive, active, plate, color, inventory FROM vehicles WHERE pid='%1' AND alive='1' AND active='0' AND side='%2' AND type='%3'",_pid,_side,_type]; That's it. Also make sure that your save_vehicle_virtualItems in Config_Master.hpp is set to true, otherwise... well this script would make no sense.
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