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  1. I will be helping just need help.
  2. KingLifeRP We are in need of developers if anyone is interested please join this discord https://discord.gg/zqqu4cx and pm VoomPlays. What we are looking for: Modelers Scripters Graphics Map Texture website: https://www.KingLiferoleplay.net TS: Coming soon
  3. https://gyazo.com/bdc31b6fdec3d5cbea269d9a3b44c67b If you need anything please ask me for it.
  4. There is a exile server. for Arma 3 and they said ay why don't you go make a vid on my server. And i was like imma give it a try. But na. Was bad.
  5. How do i make a Function that opens the dialog?
  6. how about one of these? life_fnc_settingsMenu
  7. I am trying to make a Phone GUI but i need to know how would i make a Bank page/Item Page. Obviously i would need a whole new Dialogs for these. Anyone wanna help please PM Me or leave it in comments. TY
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