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  1. Hello, i am working on a tutorial script for my life server. A bot should move from Point A to B. It works really nice in Singleplayer, but not in Multiplayer (on the life server). I tried to call, spawn and execVM the script. All with the same result. The bot just stands there. player setPos (getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_player_1"); _meters = player distance getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_NPC_1"; _group = group master_group; _smuggler = _group createUnit ["C_man_hunter_1_F", (getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_NPC_1"), [], 0, "FORM"]; _group allowFleeing 0; _smuggler disableAI "move"; _smuggler disableAI "path"; _smuggler allowDamage false; _smuggler disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _smuggler disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _smuggler disableAI "TARGET"; _smuggler disableAI "COVER"; _smuggler disableAI "FSM"; _smuggler disableAI "TARGET"; _smuggler allowFleeing 0; Civilian setFriend [west, 1]; Civilian setFriend [east, 1]; _smuggler setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _check1 = true; while {_meters > 4 && _check1} do { _meters = player distance getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_NPC_1"; }; _check1 = false; playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\alarm_independent.wss", _smuggler]; sleep 5; _smuggler enableAI "move"; _smuggler enableAI "path"; _smuggler doMove (getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_waypoint_3_1"); I hope you can help me Sincerely Alex
  2. Hello, i recently switched my altis life server to an australia server. all is working fine, except the ATMs. i just dont know how to add them. i found one line in one script that may has something to do with it. the classnames for the ATMs are: "Land_CommenwealthBank", "Land_Mattaust_ATM" and "Land_Centrelink" I hope someone can help me Thank you fn_nearATM.sqf if ((["atm_",str(_obj)] call BIS_fnc_inString) && player distance _obj < 2.3) then {_return = true;};
  3. hello, i wanted to ask, what is the best version to script. i've heard, that 5.0 isn't good for scripting, so whats the best version? my server is currently on 4.4r4, but many scripts wont work on that version. so, whats the best version?
  4. the thing is, i dont see a red dot
  5. oh nice thank you. but how do you fixed it? because i have more files that are like these
  6. hello. i have an error in my "config_vitems.hpp", but i dont understand where it is. log: https://hastebin.com/gukobecali.makefile vitems: https://hastebin.com/oyebikabac.cpp and here is the error: Warning Message: File mpmissions\Altis_Life.Altis\Config_vItems.hpp, line 885: '/VirtualItems.': 'ï' encountered instead of '='
  7. Config_vItems.hpp stringtable.xml also i installed a restrain script, but i dont think it has to broke smth. but i also send it: (tutorial) (data) fn_keyHandler.sqf fn_restrainAction.sqf Functions.hpp fn_vInteractionMenu.sqf
  8. server version is 4.4r4, i installed the server a week ago, changed some stuff, all worked fine. after i edited one of these: stringtable.xml , Config_vItems.hpp it stopped working. i reinstalled extdb2, nothing changed, tried extdb3, nothing changed, tried a wrong password, same error occures
  9. Hello. I have a problem with my Altis life RPG server database (extDB2) Here is the extDB2 log: 15-10-35.log the extDB config: extdb-conf.ini rpt: arma3server_2018-10-26_17-09-51.rpt when i change some database things like pass to something random, the error still occurs, but the password/name with navicat works fine.
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