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  1. I mean to be able to make a script and press a button and read at the moment what I did, I think it's this way https://gyazo.com/1996afafb79a4fe666f930861a75f2de
  2. Hello, I have a question as to how i can make my mission that i am editing update to me in real time without restarting with extdb3 i saw that others do it, example: https://gyazo.com/aa4fbff94c6fa3290cd29c9e2f4fe495
  3. EXTDB3 LOG > https://hastebin.com/wofitaciwe.http SERVER RPT LOG > https://hastebin.com/aniqawabuf.vbs
  4. how can I make a script to ban from the admin key, ban with time and reason servercommand
  5. but I want to do it on an object that is already on the map not a create vehicle @Just Jordan
  6. how do i get my hud to automatically update every second
  7. no found seatbelt and fadesound icon... it does not change
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