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    i7 4970k
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    16gb ddr3
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    200gb ssd kingston
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    gtx 1060 6gb
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    900w gold
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    gt gaming rig
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    iiyama 27inch 70hz
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    steelseries mouse, aukey blue switch keyboard

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  1. Eh, maybe you haven't done your research. I think you'll find half of Arma 3 Project Life's assets are also stolen as well.
  2. Hello, Tropic Roleplay is a server in early stages, currently standing at around 80 members our primary goal is to give the player an enjoyable roleplay experience. We operate under the map 'New Shoreham' and we offer a free, a lot more custom version of ArmA 3 Project Life. We have a variety of custom features that are described below: We have a custom, modified framework. We have a custom map, built and designed for our community only. All the vehicles we use, we have permission from its original owner. Custom Anti-Yeet (Anti-Hack) built only for our platform. Traffic Light system. Custom fire script that has been tested and doesn't use as many resources as the original script. Custom XP System that functions with dialogs. Ziptie script. Custom vehicles. There are countless reasons why you should consider joining us over another alternative. Not only do we have experienced developers working on optimising and creating custom features for our framework daily, but we also have a dedicated staff team that works effortlessly to manage the server and ensure that every user playing on our server has a great, enjoyable experience and will want to come back the next day! From all of us at Tropic Roleplay, we really do hope that you come along and join our community! We have recently introduced a referral system so if you join and refer a friend meeting the requirements you will receive rewards! Have a great day! Links: Forum: https://forum.tropicrp.com/index.php Teamspeak 3: ts3.tropicrp.com Trello: https://trello.com/b/DXkmiLYM/tropic-roleplay
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