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  1. @imthatguyhere My scripts work 100% as I have vigorously tested them its just people dont know how to use or install them as can be seen below they all work fine as I do show them
  2. ife_HUD_notifs pushback [_string,time,type]; isnt this like stuff
  3. You could try if ( [life_currentExpPerks, "Discount"] call mav_ttm_fnc_hasPerk )) then { _price = _price * 0.75; };
  4. You do a better job then of a bleeding out system and a intro cam. That does not follow my methodology and house style then. 2008 called they want their profile picture back.
  5. No point in obfuscating your mission i never have. if people want it they will get it
  6. This DOES NOT work on anything below Altis Life 5.0.0 due to database name changes I tested it on 4.4 and got it working by changing pid to player id Works fine on 5.0.0 as i just tested it
  7. @KLM ✈ Its got to be an actual altis life database with players in or it will throw errors
  8. @imthatguyhere The reason I am not on at moment is because of exams. They are called GCSES
  9. @imthatguyhere the finite state machine should be used for while statements like this just like paychecks are
  10. You shouldn't be running while true statements in your inits period unless it is for testing.
  11. This is amazing code optimisation btw. Sick code m9.
  12. @imthatguyhere You would be correct i put wrong file name in. fixed
  13. @dexatrin82 there you go https://workupload.com/file/f2NagdRX
  14. If you join my teamspeak @Artyom567 ts.fusiongamingstudios.com I can show you it working and compare.
  15. 21:26:09 Error call: Type Number, expected code it isnt saying the specific function just run it through atom
  16. try get rid of infiSTAR.de Nitrado Light 5.0
  17. That claim was made by the ASN_Staff in their discord that their DLL (The_Programmer_Core) detects Arma Services scripts and slow them down. Reason from these personal attacks stem from this
  18. @imthatguyhere Furthermore not even DayZ was obfuscated or any of the life servers so you could learn how stuff was made. I know exactly how ArmAServices work, this is how you make it STEP 1: Download WordPress STEP 2: Download this WordPress theme - https://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-multipurpose-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5484319 STEP 3: Use KillZone Kids script (A well respected developer who does not get enough credit) - http://killzonekid.com/arma-extension-url_fetch-dll-v2-0/ for monetary gain. STEP 4: Get a cpr and jsoncpp from TowelSoftware STEP 5: Store peoples information in a database so they can use your scripts STEP 6: Obfuscate basic scripts and sell them at an obscene price Some of their scripts are just copy and pastes of what they are selling to like The Tazer Loading Screen
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