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  1. check other servers they don't have them on
  2. Finally a server who cares and gets ssl kudos from me even went an extra mile with ov validation i like it
  3. XaFlaForo

    Dark Ares Gaming Post New

    Come on get SSL you can either it for free through lets encrypt. ITS 2018
  4. XaFlaForo

    Project Florida Advertisiment

    Server looks good. Website bad especially with NO SSL.
  5. This server is hosted on a dedicated local machine not a PC good joke
  6. XaFlaForo


    no like the ORIANPACK on unknown cheats
  7. XaFlaForo


    Someone might help you if you didn't use mission files found on the interwebs.
  8. XaFlaForo

    [request] 5.0 huds? and scripts

    Me as an esteemed altis life consultant for 5 minutes showing them how this website works.
  9. XaFlaForo

    [request] 5.0 huds? and scripts

    This will be 30,000 Vietnamese Dong. This is a good deal if you do not think so you are braindead.
  10. XaFlaForo

    Border Life Roleplay | Malden Life

    Ok @Brett Totman I need you to answer a question what type of code is SQF, if you know this then I will believe your server is good albeit first impressions have failed to give me any hope in the first place.
  11. XaFlaForo

    Unknown Roleplay Altis

    It's you're or you are not "your" if you are going to try shame, someone, at least have the decency to use proper grammar.
  12. XaFlaForo

    [Tutorial] Block Changing Names

    Amazing grammar.
  13. XaFlaForo

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    And this is when cringy ethan comes along with his cringe std::cout << " Defend your honor maiyham " << std::endl;
  14. XaFlaForo


    Semicolons are only needed at E.O.L which is (the end of the line) to essentially close the line of like a full stop in a sentence. In C# and C++ where sqf originates from you don't need to put semicolons for things like ifs and else it won't alter the code but it won't add anything to it either.
  15. XaFlaForo

    [IRT STUDIOS] Script - SeatBelts

    do you have any conflicting key handlers