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  1. I'm not getting on his back just saying its not a script/feature which it isn't.
  2. XaFlaForo

    Spot the coding mistake

    You have put the whole code as a mistake as it works as soon as you fix the datatype naming
  3. XaFlaForo

    Spot the coding mistake

  4. XaFlaForo

    Spot the coding mistake

    Correct. Señor.
  5. XaFlaForo

    How to make a slot whitelisted?

    use an if statement and the life_donatorlevel variable to make a system where it checks
  6. remove it in the mission.sqm I have no idea why its there in the first place its assigned on NPCs for some reason it will fix after that
  7. XaFlaForo

    Spot the coding mistake

    Let's see if anyone who has the interest to learn c++ can spot the mistake #include <iostream> #include <string> void PrintIntro(); std::string GetGuessAndPrintBack(); using FText = std::string; using int32 = int; bol answer_correct = false; int main() { PrintIntro(); GetGuessAndPrintBack(); std::cout << std::endl; return 0; } void PrintIntro() { //--- Introduce the game constexpr int WORD_LENGHT = 5; std::cout << "Welcome to bulls and cows." << std::endl; std::cout << "Can you guess the " << WORD_LENGHT << " letter isogram?" << std::endl; return; } std::string GetGuessAndPrintBack() { //--- Get a guess from the player FText Guess = ""; std::cout << "ENTER YOUR GUESS: "; std::getline(std::cin, Guess); //--- Prints the guess std::cout << "Your guess was:" << Guess << std::endl; return Guess; }
  8. It's not a script/system its an edit of a script. You change a table in the SQL database Add life_copnpas as an INT in the life_server and then pass it in the init. Then in config_vehicles pass the INT as a condition. What do you mean by departments.
  9. All skins from atlispolice.org and all scripts from here. Very unoriginal and boring indeed. Have some uniqueness instead of just using already out there content.
  10. Yes, now rich kids paying 500 dollars to remove IPS copyright notice or is this the actual reason it's not there [WF NULL] Invision Community Suite 4.3. I wish I had 1200 dollars for forum software. @Deadlesszombie How does one get this much money.
  11. XaFlaForo

    [Release] Airdrop Script V3

    I love that you use abstraction and encapsulation in your code makes it very clean indeed. Good Job!
  12. XaFlaForo

    Best way to learn SQF

    Become a master code once you have converted a bool to an array
  13. XaFlaForo

    Very Early alpha. (W.I.P)

    Very interesting post with an interesting idea there's no need for it to turn in to a kids fest.
  14. check other servers they don't have them on
  15. Finally a server who cares and gets ssl kudos from me even went an extra mile with ov validation i like it