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  1. @Kaiden The script works absolutely fine I have set it up time and time again. Usually it doesn't work because people have not set it up correctly
  2. @imthatguyhere The reason I am not on at moment is because of exams. They are called GCSES
  3. @imthatguyhere the finite state machine should be used for while statements like this just like paychecks are
  4. You shouldn't be running while true statements in your inits period unless it is for testing.
  5. This is amazing code optimisation btw. Sick code m9.
  6. Do you have any scripts that require DRM
  7. @imthatguyhere You would be correct i put wrong file name in. fixed
  8. @dexatrin82 there you go https://workupload.com/file/f2NagdRX
  9. If you join my teamspeak @Artyom567 ts.fusiongamingstudios.com I can show you it working and compare.
  10. 21:26:09 Error call: Type Number, expected code it isnt saying the specific function just run it through atom
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