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  1. I would like to see where the fucking copied and pasted cope which inst from the predefined life functions to enable the death screen to work with the framework. @Prophet You are literally adding nothing but being a troll. I worked hard on getting this system to where it is as people on here request it a lot and I am trying to make it 100% perfect but it is hard by yourself. I will just stop working on it and delete it if you want. You dont see any of the other developers releasing stuff like this because they know they can make money from it.
  2. I am still working on the medical functionality of the script but can not test it as I am doing it all by myself so expect bugs for that part.
  3. Just literally realised I did not put the initialisation of the variable in so the function wasn't working.
  4. just actually bell your mission file here. I will have a look and fix it for you
  5. Did you remove deathscreen.hpp from MasterHandler.hpp
  6. You all can test it working with this mission file. This is on fresh mission using my tutorial https://workupload.com/file/CDxTp2RD
  7. @GraveYard Tested with latest github push it works
  8. Bleeding Out Advanced System With Bloodless and force bleedout Please note this requires that you need to download this file which is the base installation pack and you star it on GitHub. It can be downloaded here https://github.com/XaFlaForo/AltisLifeScripts/tree/Base-Installation-Pack To download this file you can go to following link and download it once you have clicked the star button. It can be downloaded here https://github.com/XaFlaForo/AltisLifeScripts/tree/Bleedout-System STEP 1: Move the bleedout folder to XaFlaForo Folder STEP 2: Add the following code to Config_Functions.hpp #include "Bleedout\functions.hpp" Under tag = "XaFlaForo"; STEP 3: Add the following code to remoteexec.hpp F(XaFlaForo_fnc_handleMedicRequest,0) STEP 4: Add the following code to description.ext under RscTitles #include "XaFlaForo\Bleedout\Dialogs\RscDisplayBleedingOut.hpp" STEP 5: Add the following code to initPlayerLocal.sqf //--- LOOP DEATHSCREEN XaFlaForo_in_down_state = false; XaFlaForo_Blood = 0.00; while {true} do { //--- SLEEP LITTLE BABY uiSleep 2; //--- Apply Damage To Player XaFlaForo_Blood = XaFlaForo_Blood + 0.01; }; STEP 6: Add the following code to handleDamage.sqf at the top XaFlaForo_Blood = XaFlaForo_Blood + 0.03; STEP 7: Add the following code to keyhandler.sqf at the top if ( !XaFlaForo_Can_Suicide ) exitWith{}; STEP 8: Add the following code to keyhandler.sqf under case 57 case 11: { if (XaFlaForo_Can_Suicide) then { XaFlaForo_forceBleedOut = true; }; }; STEP 9: Add the following code to fn_setupEVH.sqf player addEventHandler ["HandleHeal", {_this call XaFlaForo_fnc_handleHeal}]; STEP 9: Remove the following code to fn_setupEVH.sqf player addEventHandler ["Killed", {_this call life_fnc_onPlayerKilled}]; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_this call life_fnc_onPlayerRespawn}]; STEP 9: Add the following code to fn_setupEVH.sqf player addEventHandler ["Killed", {_this call XaFlaForo_fnc_onPlayerKilled}]; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_this call XaFlaForo_fnc_onPlayerRespawn}];
  9. There is nothing wrong with that.
  10. That doesnt work for 5.0 due to framework changes. What you can do is follow the tutorial again but when it says things like playerid you put pid and just follow the new structure.
  11. You need to put the sts config under the masterhandler as for some reason all the life RscControls have been copied and had their ofpectag changed to STS even though no changes was made to them
  12. I will update tutorial soon if people stop berating me on this forum doing quick little change ups as can be seen below.
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