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  1. hello im trying to use seatbelts script but i get this ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions__cur_mp.Altis\IRT\Seatbelts\config.hpp not found. iv done everything right iv put it in my root were it says
  2. hey guys any one know to fix this problem iv tried a few things but failed on all attemps also get this in rpt Error in expression <1_2"],"civ","Recovery Services"]]; this setVariable ["", "Recovery Services"]; > Error position: <setVariable ["", "Recovery Services"]; > Error Reserved variable in expression
  3. hey here is my file thank you I don't suppose you could give it a once over see if everything is ok I cant seem to get the medic skins loaded cheers https://workupload.com/file/3XnrqxGX
  4. hey I get message say simplistichud spimlistichud.hpp line 184 rctiles already define
  5. what the f;l;ck is wrong with you lot i'm just asking if there was any around if not some one might have either offered one for sale or free supposed to be a community forum HAHAHA like f./.ck it is just at people thinkg there wanting things done for f.,.,ck all get grip people like you spoil it having to be dicks about things carry on like this and this forum will go down hill very quick no one will want to ask for help or anything AND ALSO READ MY POST I PUT IF PSSOIBLE DERRRR'S
  6. thank you so much i don't expect for free I will donate anything I can or help out in anyway I can for this again thank you
  7. I;m no prick /,<?>';[= and I was thinking because there's a lot of scripts already made and put on here for free so no harm in asking if there's a parking ticket script all ready done may be put up for free AND has for me not wanting to make one I DONT have the expertise in that I would not know were to start to make a script BUDDY and has for acting like a prick look at your yourself you stated acting like one not me
  8. listen pal did not expect any one to make one I will try find one the best I can if not then I will try my very best to make one don't just think I want some one to make me things who do you thinkyou are. mind reader ??
  9. not that knowlageable to make script
  10. hello im new to scripting I don't know that much to be able to make a script me self as im still learning thanks to this forum for all the help and bit of knowlage I;v gained I did not know there was already one
  11. been searching all over google for some hud scripts and a parking ticket script so that when you come on my server has recovery agent you can give them a parking ticket
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