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    Battleye Filters

    How would you go about adding an exception?
  2. playtime varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '"[0,0,0]"', So my database sql file has this line in it. I'm assuming that the three 0's are playtime for Civ, Independent, west? How would I get it to show up in the game? like this
  3. I am currently looking for someone who can do some scripts for me + GUI Stuff. Willing to pay for each complete thing :) Reasonable price also I know how some stuff about it but If you willing to help :) Add me on discord! iTzWaffle - 8440
  4. Arma 3 Version: Latest (stable) CBA Version: ` (stable) Verison: Altis Life v.5 Mods: - CBA_A3 Description: When loading up CBA_A3 alone the server's weapon shop attachments button stopped working I'm not sure why but I have tried a lot of different things to get it working, I have also ran into a few people saying they had this issue but It stopped them and they never found a fix. Steps to reproduce: Add the steps needed to reproduce the issue. Where did the issue occur? Dedicated / Self-Hosted Multiplayer RPT log file: Nothing in the RPT Log. Extra Information: I'm not sure which ones would help finding a solution so here is all the scripts for the weapon shop. fn_weaponShopFilter.sqf fn_weaponShopMags.sqf fn_weaponShopMenu.sqf fn_weaponShopSelection.sqf fn_weaponShopAccs.sqf fn_fetchCfgDetails.sqf Better to have all of them then need one. Without the mod loaded it works fine with it loaded It's just messed up like all of the weapon accessories stop working like it cant find any that work... I'm confused because I have tried using CBA_fnc_compatibleItems; No matter how many different ways I tried it. It still didn't work
  5. I have a question. So I have been having a problem for a few days RIP I have tried and tried maybe thinking If I keep looking and double checking everything I cant seem to seem why this is doubling Wanted People names. I have tried everything Im also trying to learn so If anyone knows why that would be great As Im trying to learn I would like to know what I missed If someone can think of somthing. I can't remember but 5.0 files are the ones that are used in this https://gyazo.com/d75a2a2b0fe6fbe19073ffde831c8994