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  1. He was asking if he could remove the UID to replace it with server restart times.
  2. Thanks a lot, it worked and was exactly was I meant.
  3. the shop_items.hpp would be for selling / buying items. I'm talking about the ListBox that appears in the market gui of this Dynamic Market. There is a listbox in die market.hpp (which is the dialog for the dynamic market in this thread), however, there is no sizeEx to it. I'm looking for the font size inside this listbox of the market.hpp that is being downloaded if you're installing this dynamic market script since the font for the shown items in this listbox are small af.
  4. yeah thanks but which one of the parts in the market.hpp is the one for the Fontsize of the items in the list box? Literally tried every part where a sizeEx is but I still didn't manage the right one.
  5. just a quick question: where can I change the fontof the item text? looked through the market.hpp, however, I'm not certain if the sizeEx is the right parameter to set the font size.
  6. sorry but would you mind explaining me which characters^^? I can't see any special ones in my notepad file Edit: nvm I found them.. how the fck did they get there lol they weren't appearing inside notepad++ but in wordpad.
  7. I put the class zipties at the VERY end of my functions.hpp, however, it is still showing the error :"Warning Message: File mpmissions\Altis_Life.Altis\Functions.hpp, line 402: '/CfgFunctions/zipties.': '�' encountered instead of '=' Warning Message: Config : some input after EndOfFile." Functions.hpp
  8. Really looking forward to it, I like the style a lot
  9. I love it! Could you possibly also add a fourth option in the same look that says "Level"? Best regards!
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