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  1. It's been a long time, Vendetta was the first and only life server I played so I don't know too much. As for asking to post, well, it's not licensed and can't be (reliably) due to the amount of contributors and sources of the some of the contents but if a site mod has a problem they can delete it. I do vaguely remember being described a scene where @Fresqo was screaming down his microphone about the release of this script with various threats on their person, but nothing ever came of it so I suppose it's ok.
  2. Good afternoon, not sure which version this was, so adding it in this section I have had this script sitting on my storage drive for a couple of years now. This is the script that was used on Underbelly Altis Life, Vendetta Altis Life and formed the basis for the script that ran/is running (not sure if it's still around) ANZUS Altis Life. Credit where credit is due, Fresqo, Afterglow, those guys. Some if it works pretty badly, but Australians have always left a lot to desire. Kidding. Love this script. Now I would love for everybody to enjoy it. https://mega.nz/file/v10HGKZB#l4Ptm6Nr6IxoxhE6TKhedVXEppKJPAQaA3e7RzvQiNQ - It's approximately 11.5 GB. It must include the Arma 3 server files too. It was zipped right off a dedi in a great deal of haste, apologies for that file size. Features Dynamic market that fluctuates when items are sold or purchased from vendors. Black market that you can sell illegal, non-virtual items to other players such as weapons you have crafted or no longer need/want. A multitude of harvest-able, process-able and sell-able materials, which will be covered south of this list. A variety of AI-controlled missions to enhance the PvE play-style if that is your way of playing. Speed cameras within most major city limits and safezone areas to enhance police-to-civilian roleplay. A crafting system that lets you use materials gathered such as copper and iron to create high-end weaponry you'd normally pay for. A level system for all resource gathering and processing resulting in faster gather times and higher selling bonuses at vendors. loads more you'll just have to look at the script to steal Resources / Moneymakers Oil Iron Diamonds Copper Salt Glass Cement Turtle Meat Marijuana Cocaine Heroin Gold Bars LSD Methamphetamine Pornography Snuff Pornography Cigars Rubies Sapphires Emeralds Timber Fabric
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