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  1. how can i get rid of the dark box that it sits in ?
  2. this is a paste bin to what i have done https://pastebin.com/XBH3dh5r
  3. I want to add a gun and mags to the load out, i have manged to get it to spawn with the gun, but no mags, but the biggest problem im having is it wont switch back or remove the gun when going off duty. any suggestions?
  4. So i just updated my Server to the new V1.88 and now when i lauch my server. I get stuck at (Host identity created.) RPT https://pastebin.com/xrPBidkc https://gyazo.com/1ec2c0721afea47dead913650955d559
  5. i have a problem. I have put in the script but every time i try to sit in the chair, i get this error https://gyazo.com/9561493e624fc773e8451c09845595f0
  6. how can i assign thees moves to hotkey?
  7. Ok so on my Server I have a problem where the players are not dropping virtual items upon death. I am fairly sure that the script is working "fn_dropitems.sqf" so im unsure what else could be causing this. any help is appreciated thanks.
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