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  1. Well yes. I actually had a different meaning in mind for the word auction but i guess that is what i've been doing. My version is ground up made for 5.0. While the one in the video isnt made for 5.0 / officially supported by Fresqo.
  2. No its literally a player-driven marketplace. Where everyone can put any item for any price in it. And other players can purchase it then ouf of this marketplace. Like da bazar in reallife.
  3. Hey guys i am currently working on a trading-basar/marketplace connected with the database. Players can sell their unwanted weapons, vehicles or farmed resources. If you dont want to go to the trader yourself and risk being robbed you just go to the marketplace and sell your stuff there for a smaller %. Other people might be desperate enough to buy it and sell it even with risk. Im almost done and ask myself if the public would benefit from such an script? Currently its just a project for my private server. Have a look.
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