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  1. We are most likely to launch at wednesday! We also released a new faction that will come after release!
  2. It happens when the grenade explodes.
  3. We got it, however when I take damage the whole hud disappears.. EDIT: I found out it only does that when a grenade is thrown.
  4. Some people here are so triggered for no reason lol. And I didn't make this I just forward what the other founder told me to. And It isn't supposed to be hard either, I don't get why some people get so mad for nothing like get a life. Now if this childish comments continue for some reason feel free to lock the thread staff.
  5. What would I do to make this into a license?
  6. Well we got one guy that can do this, I'm tryin to learn. But it would be a nice with a extra hand
  7. Development team Know Python, HTML/CSS or Arma Scripting? Feel free to message Jack or Me on teamspeak or our forums , and we will see if you fit our requirements! Looking forward to speaking to all of our applicants! developer = input("Do you know any coding language? (y/n)") developer = developer.lower() if developer == 'y': print("Thats Great! Contact a management team mber") secretmessage = str("dvho, p slnpa ruvd ovd av bzl aol ihzpj jlhzly jpwoly, uvaopun zwljphs...") print("Don't forget to tell them this hidden message!!", secretmessage) #Obviously we would love a Python developer for certain things, <h1> know HTML or CSS? We will have you too! </h1> <!-- No, we don't want someone who knows how to use a free drag and drop editor either! - To past self... --> _varCheck = parseText "I COPY SCRIPTS"; hint typeName _var; if (!(_varCheck)) then { _var = parseText "If you know SQF, even better!"; } else { _var = parseText "No thankyou xD" }; //Find my mistake up there, and thoroughly take the piss out of me, you will most likely get a spot in our Development team!
  8. Hey! Yea as I don't do the developing stuff I don't have a full list. However I'll try to redo the whole list to see all we got explained better. Thanks! Updated!
  9. Hello everyone! I decided to make this post to tell everyone who we are and what we do. We are a group of friends making an arma server as you probably know, we started a few months ago and we've come a long way on our road! We are always looking for improvements and suggestions so if you ever feel like helping us out feel free to make a post at the suggestion forum. We are also looking for members to our staff team, so if you wish to apply applications for staff will open soon! We have a teamspeak so if you wish to join it to talk to us or just relax you can join it with this ip: ts.undergroundrp.uk We also have a discord that will be used communications within the factions and staff. If you wish to join here is the invite link. If you wish to see what is being done and what is added you can visit out server development log. What we have right now: Custom skins Better taxi system An amazing website Auction house Indicator lights Speed cameras Full whitelist integration Police ANPR Dynamic Market System Custom interactive jail system Ability to transfer vehicle ownership Custom nightclub Custom hud Coming up: Custom housing system Opfor faction Border with blowable walls Custom debit card system Custom medic revive system And much more! We have so much more coming up! And we hope to see you there! Kavala square Kavala PD Radiation zone (Yes you need hazmat suit to enter)
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