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  1. Momma Mane

    Valhalla Gaming Altis Life

    I don't understand what you mean by this but ok. if you need me to go more in depth, the words "we've done" means that it was done.
  2. Momma Mane

    Valhalla Gaming Altis Life

    weve fixed do to everyone asking -You keep your cop loadouts and y inventory after respawn -fixed the distance to where you can access shops -we will be adding warzone cartels and also map cartels -you can now taze other cops this is just a small update nothing to big
  3. Momma Mane

    Valhalla Gaming Altis Life

    yes we do understand how to unban people, and well be fixing the ban message to be a little more pleasing, we restarted I think 3 times yesterday to fix some things that people were saying were broke.
  4. Momma Mane

    Valhalla Gaming Altis Life

    thank you, the vehicle textures will be on the vehicles in the next few days, we finally got infistar on so people will be banned/kicked for breaking the rules. yes the starting money in low but like you said the time for processing is really quick, it will be fixed in coming days and the prices we put in but forgot to save, so both of those will be fixed, we will be adding more features to the jail/fed and will be adding our own type of thing civs can do, well also be adding more runs to do. the cops and medics on the other hand were people we have really easy tests, all of the cops and most medics, were wiped and are no longer a part of the force.
  5. Momma Mane

    Valhalla Gaming Altis Life

    other then this though we have fixed , or made: -Cop weapons are tasers -Custom Jail -Basic legal/illegal areas -All Legal/illegal runs (more to come) - Added Basic skins to Cop/Medic - made kavala more of a kavala and not a boring 1 shop area -garages and shops are fixed so you can pull vehicles and purchase from them -custom UI will come in the very near future -Website is near end I will add it when it is fully up -fixed medic and cop backpacks so theyre invisible -were still working on hospitals/ you cant see them -we will be adding CUP for S.W.A.T. and making S.W.A.T a custom role - Adding Vehicle Skins to Cop/Medic - and there is countless of other small things that we have we have fixed, but like I said before the ip for the server is: and the ip for the Team Speak is: excel.ts.nfoservers.com
  6. Momma Mane

    Valhalla Gaming Altis Life

    sorry ive been fixing bugs on the server and havnt gotten around to making another post, the server ip is and the website will be put up in the next day or two, the team speak is excel.ts.nfoservers.com any one interested and have any questions feel free to dm me on Team Speak.
  7. Momma Mane

    Valhalla Gaming Altis Life

    Please Take Time to try out our new server! With primary Developers Myself and @MrOreo3, With the main Purpose to try and provide a good RolePlay server for those looking for one! With Whietelisted Cop and Medic roles, civilian is open for anyone that wants to join, we just hope you understand the rules of our server though, other then that we have a website/forum, team speak for whitelisted roles and support team. were trying to build a strong and outgoing community. Once we have the server open (probably later today) I will put the ip to the server and Team Speak on the bottom of this post, same with the website. We hope you can come join our server and have a fun time on it! Have a Good Day -Sincerely Momma Mane