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  1. Mr.D

    Database issues

    Hey man did you fix th issue ?
  2. Hello there can you provide us with both your rpt And extdb full logs ? and please use paste bin
  3. Hello there was no log file in the extdb folder Nevertheless I fixed it! the issue was that the latest version of extdb doesn’t include tbb_malloc.dll nor tbb_malloc for the 64 bit version for the server
  4. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas, i tried today to setup a dedicated server with port forward from scratch, so that i can have a server to test. When i connected and the mission started i got a black screen saying "Failed to load Extdb please contact and administrator." I am running a vanilla version of 5.0 and everything... Here is my .rpt file, unfortunately i dont know why i have no log file at extdb3\logs folder Thanks in advance.... arma3server_x64_2019-12-24_19-59-35.rpt
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