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  1. Oh ok sweet, deposit all button works now. It was kinda silly by me that I didn't copy the should look like but anyways, thanks.
  2. This is how my bankdepost looks like: Should I paste the code below or above this? _value = parseNumber(ctrlText 2702);
  3. Ok I gave this script another chance, but I got this error when I added this into the init bus sign: Error in expression <addAction["Bus Stop",toxic_fnc_busMenu];> Error position: <> Error Invalid number in expression If you want to know my rpt logs, here it is: My exDB3 works when all scripts work and this script didnt wrok so thats why it failed. What can I add instead of this code in init field? this addAction["Bus Stop",toxic_fnc_busMenu];
  4. im getting this error: Script core\civilian\fn_slotmachine.sqf not found
  5. Thanks for responding but I want to make sure, is this how its supposed to look like? Not sure exactly how its supposed to look like, my server name is [ENG] FuriousRP (In Development)
  6. I have downloaded this script but I got killed. Any fix?
  7. I tried with another mission file and some other errors poped up, if ur curious of what errors it was with cop_uniform not found and whatever. So I'll skip this script, thank you for trying to help me man
  8. I have edited my mission.sqm made the kavala square nicer etc you get the idea of what I did, but should I go for the clean mission.sqm? Could that solve the issue? And also, I have checked the init field three times now and they all have the code correctly
  9. It is 5.0, I have done this tutorial twice now. Could the problems occur because of other scripts?
  10. I did it through eden editor, thats what it says in the tutorial
  11. The database would only work if my scripts work aswell which is weird and kinda annoying anyways heres my description init field: this addAction["Bus Stop",toxic_fnc_busMenu];
  12. (cant remove the above) When I join the server, I get this error: File mpmissions\FuriousRP.Altis\dialog\MasterHandler.hpp, line 28: '.': '�' encountered instead of '=' my logs: this is my masterhandler:
  13. Since I want to add zeus to my Altis Life, I want to add zeus aswell for example events. But anyone can join the zeus slot, so is there a way to make it whitelisted so only admins can join it?
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