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  1. Many of the current life servers still feature everything that "life" servers have evolved around, We are currently redoing the whole framework and restructuring how Life works in whole. It will hopefully revive a new realm of role-play and I am excited to see the outcome. But back to your statement, there are many servers that feature everything of the aforementioned above. Alot of servers are copy and pasted like @Deadlesszombie mentioned, and hopefully in the near future servers will strain away from the "copy paste" strategy, but the reality of it is many players now days are selling new
  2. I would agree with what KingCrazy had posted, Martial Law is Martial Law, although the server may have the function, it is only permitted for use in extreme situations. The moral of the story is to keep peace and from riots continuing to occur.
  3. Server Update V.2-5 5/3/18 Hello everyone, this is the first official update to the server even though I have updated the server before.Changelog:+ Fully re-coded the database handling system+ Fixed the dynamic market not saving+ Gave all on duty cops a %10 discount in all stores+ Fixed the issue with wrong playertags showing above user's heads+ Fixed seatbelts causing players to die easily when put on+ Added SDARs to the diving store+ Added air and vehicle garages/shops to all rebel bases + Fixed an issue where players wouldn't see fish in the virtual inventory.If anyone is experien
  4. YOU DON'T NEED MODS! Hey everyone we would like to proudly announce that our server is released. Chaotic Gaming Community has finally started it's journey. Just over the course of 2 Years of developement! More importantly as part as the administration team here on Chaotic Gaming we want to give our players a rundown of some server features that serve as the upper edge on our servers. Civilians: Illegal Activities (Marijuana, Cocain, Moonshine, Turtle killing, Federal Reserve) Legal Activities (Mining, DP Missions, Merchandising, News Broadcasting) DP Mission
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