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  1. Since maverick applications are closing their administration app what would u guys recommend for a hosting application? Also, note I don't like to use TADST.
  2. Im a little confused. Is this like a Mavrick Applications thing where it can run the server because on the website it says unlimeted servers or are you talking about it can connect to unlimmited servers
  3. Wow. Im guessing the psisyn server. Ok.
  4. Ok. I just dont have Dedicated money thats why I was thinking VPS
  5. Hey guys I am making a new server and I was wondering what is your favorite server hosting. Or what should I use a VPS or a ArmA 3 Server Hoster. Im sorry if this is in the wrong area.
  6. Im sorry for the incovenience. We are switching maps soon and I will remember to put lights. Thanks for the feedback. Also the ATM system is a bit broken and I have a dev team on it.
  7. Welcome Hello. I am Churvious. I have had a previous account on this website that I have lost the password for. I have run many servers in the past and have been quite successful on them. I have stepped my game up and I have worked on my ability to run the server. Anyways if you want to join you may check out any of the links or information. Don’t mind if the website or teamspeak says Malden. We are looking to change to Malden. All of the assets of Altis Life will be ported over. I just have to get the screenshots. If you have suggestions or criticisms please ask me in the comments.
  8. Would the problem be under life_server since it seems to be a databse issue
  9. I have to make a new pin everytime i join
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