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  1. Well, there's my problem with the federal reserve Any idea what is causing the problem with the spectator view?
  2. RTP Logs: https://pastebin.com/8ECh7iBt Description.ext: https://pastebin.com/6j54EeVw
  3. Sorry for all of the questions. I'm running my modded life server on the Altis life 5.0 framework and when I die I enter this weird mode where I can spectate other players, it doesn't allow me to respawn or even press escape to leave the server. Anyone know whats going on? ScreenShot: https://gyazo.com/5e8744d25d73d3f926c4033072622a67
  4. Hello! Ive just setup a new arma 3 sync and i connect to it and started to install the mods on the sync, for some reason it says im only downloading it from 1 active connection. How do i make it 10 active connections?
  5. Im getting a spyglass issue: Detection: Variable set before client intialized: sell_array Wont let me into the server.
  6. When ever i install this script to my server, Spy glass sees me and kicks me out.
  7. When ever i install this script to my server, Spy glass sees me and kicks me out.
  8. Haha yeah I did, expensive stuff maybe another time ill try and install it, Altho im having some other problems with some other scripts. Is there any way i could talk to you somewhere else about them? I dont want to be filling up the comment section of this script.
  9. Alright so when i installed this script i got this error... https://gyazo.com/fc6d2d79cdf2e13b093f75f1f40d3e4e
  10. Deadlesszombie Do i need the leveling system or what ever the xp thing is for this script to work ?
  11. Something you need to update in the data base ?
  12. Repentz is there any other scripts working on the 5.0 framework that you have posted on that working scripts thread, Also does this script work on 5.0 ?
  13. I dont understand, Im running altis life 5.0 and i cant find the rewards file and i think its messing up my script and mission files. Where is the file exactly and what is the name of the file??
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