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  1. Hey all, so I'm working on a bleedout system and when the bar hits 0 it should then allow a player then select a spawn location on whre to respawn, the issue is it spams the spawn selection panel. Any help? /* File: fn_deathScreen.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Handles stuff being displayed on the death screen while it is currently active. */ private ["_medicsOnline","_medicsNear", "_Bleedout"]; disableSerialization; _medicsOnline = ((findDisplay 7300) displayCtrl 7304); _medicsNear = ((findDisplay 7300) displayCtrl 7305); _Bleedout = ((findDisplay 7300) displayCtrl 7306); _Bleedout progressSetPosition 1; _cP = 1; waitUntil { returnMe = false; _nearby = if (([independent,getPosATL player,120] call life_fnc_nearUnits)) then {"Yes"} else {"No"}; _medicsOnline ctrlSetText format [localize "STR_Medic_Online",independent countSide playableUnits]; _medicsNear ctrlSetText format [localize "STR_Medic_Near",_nearby]; _cP = _cP - 0.1; _Bleedout progressSetPosition _cP; (isNull (findDisplay 7300)); if( _cP <= 0 || _cP == 0 ) then{ returnMe = true; [] call life_fnc_spawnMenu; hint "Initializing Spawn..."; }; sleep 1; }; When the bar hits 0 the 'life_fnc_spawnMenu' does fire, but it repeats? Your help will be appreciated
  2. I've been trying to figure out how to add a repair kit to the vehicles inventory when they've been bought. No success though... Could anyone help please?
  3. Hello, When i make a profile in TADST i set the player slots to 100 but it seems when the server starts up for some odd reason it sets the player slots to 64. Would anyone know why this is happening? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply, would you have any idea wha values I'd have to change to clients can see their own name?
  5. Hello all I'm pretty new here so sorry if I make any miss understanding on when mentioning things but I'm trying to 'somehow' enable so I can see my own player tag above my head. I can see others but just not my own. I'm currently using AltisLife V5 and i'm using TADSTV3 Hope you can help!
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