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  1. Introduction Britannia Gaming was established on the 1st January 2017. We have a dedicated Management and Support Team which which functions 24/7 to ensure the community operates efficiently and smoothly. We have a Development Team who are dedicated to bringing new features to the server to improve your experience and enjoyable for everyone. Our Support Team are here to assist with any problems or questions you may have. We consider ourselves a mature community and expect our members to behave in mature manner and to provide a outstanding roleplay experience. We have revamped the group in order to grow not only as a community but as a united group, we are a UK based community looking to extend to other players within the Arma community. Unlike other communities, you will not be removed for inactivity. On vacation? Brilliant, share your stories about skiing or any other adventures you’ve got to share. We are aware that everyone cannot always be online. On goal is to provide an environment for people to play on a variety. After months of development, we are pleased to announce we are soon to release our new Altis UK Life server and we are now looking for new members to join the Police and NHS. If you consider yourself to be mature, we are also looking for new people to join the Support Team. To assist new players to Altis Life we have created a “Quick Introduction Guide” to help the new players get started, We are a very dedicated community to make sure everyone who plays on our server will enjoy it and decide to stay with us Features Britannia Life is a project and server to being a different concept to altis life roleplay, that doesn’t involve mods and is simple but enjoyable. Unlike other communities who claim to be different, we have our very own government and court system including other features. Below are some of the in-game features: - Experience system (Coming Soon) - Government (Weekly elections, change laws, taxes etc) - Casino (Blackjack and slots) - Balanced Economy - Lottery Tickets - Drug Cartel - Bounty Hunters - Taxi and Bus system - Threat level system - Custom Police & NHS Textures (Uniforms and Vehicles) - Side missions for police and civilians Once you join and become a member, you can join the ranks of the police where you can fight crime as a normal officer or go up the ranks and become a firearms officer, if you dont like police we also have a NHS system where you can join the ranks of the medics and go from a first aider earning normal salary on the server to the chief medical officer giving you more money and being in charge of the health service Britannia Life offers civilians a variety of activities to take their roleplay experience to the next level. There are many ways of making your fortune, either legally or illegally. As a citizen of Altis you can be voted in to become the next Prime Minister of Altis. Become a vigilante by becoming a bounty hunter to catch harden criminals by clearing up the streets to make them a safer place to live. What path will you take? Your actions will determinate your own fate..... Details Teamspeak: Website: http://britanniagaming.co.uk -Community Manager Diablo
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