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  1. Apparently still doesn't execute on either the client or server. No leads in the RPT logs either... Client log: https://pastebin.com/5wiEgzzF Server log: https://pastebin.com/1tNSVUyd config.cpp: https://pastebin.com/3YYijfxq (Cut some the config our, to avoid copycats stealing out work) And yes, files are in the correct directories. Any ideas as to why? EDIT: Been doing some digging, and it turns out that the init stuff doesn't get run for some reason. The script works fine when i execVM it from the Debug Console.
  2. Author: Dunkstormen Difficulty: Easy Description: Blacks out the players screen with a message depending on the state of TaskForceRadio enforcing the player to stay in the channel TaskForceRadio whilst playing. Step 1: Copy the following code into the bottom of your core/init.sqf file within your mission.
  3. How would I be able to execute it from within a mod? Been playing with it most of yesterday and couldn't make it work the way it was intended. No messages were displayed neither was the players killed.
  4. When following the instructions on where to put it in the first post nothing happen. When following Repentz advise the client doesn't get initialized correct and spawns at the spawn marker without loadout. EDIT: Got it to work know. Just wondering how I can get the name of the player that got detected...
  5. Fun thing is that is actually what I use due to using Altis Life v5
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