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  1. Ok guys, me and a friend is trying to set up a altis life test server. We wanna get it up and running before we decide to buy servers and ect. But we follow the wiki steps, and we manage to run the server. But had to disabled spyglass, but still we cant get to spawn onto the server. We only get this message: "waiting for the server to be ready...". I have no clue to why it stops here. And we are new to this and have little to no experience with this. But we really wanna learn and have searched the forums for clues, but dont find anything specified to our issue. I will paste the log files also. Would really appreciate some expertice from you guys here on the forum. server rpt file extDB2 02-21-41.log arma3server_2018-02-25_03-19-22.rpt
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