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  1. dont think anyone would steal this 😂
  2. Hey guys so i was looking around for a qilin template and i couldn't find one so i took a quick gander in the files and found it! so i will be showing you guys how to find the vehicle of your choice in the files. ______________________________Tutorial______________________________ So where i found this vehicle is in the arma folder common\Arma 3\Expansion\Addons\soft_f_exp.pbo depending on the vehicles you're looking for they may be in different folders few listed here common\Arma 3\Addons\soft_f_gamma.pbo Contains Hatchback_01 Offroad_01 Quadbike_01 SUV_01 Truck_01 Truck_02 Van_01 common\Arma 3\Expansion\Addons\soft_f_exp.pbo Contains LSV_01 LSV_02 MRAP_01 MRAP_02 UGV_01 And others but this should get you started for the most part of finding templates something i noticed is that things labeled with "Soft" is light vehicles anyway good luck __________________________________________________________Qillin Template________________________________________________________
  3. Scripts.log Scripts.txt remoteexec.txt remoteexec.log @JedINyte
  4. Well its pretty late here but ill get em to you fresh in the morning
  5. Alright no problem what ones do you want remoteexec logs and txt ? @JedINyte
  6. remoteexec.txt* scripts.txt there you go if that's what you need @JedINyte
  7. hey so i was testing with this line, 4 "" !"life_fnc_bountyprofupdate" !"life_fnc_wantedprofupdate" !"life_fnc_safeOpen" and i went from 1-3 with no results then when i got to 4 it gave me a new error which is Remoteexec restriction #2 i tried going up to 5 and 6 not knowing what it would do and it did the same stuff don't really know what to do here @JedINyte
  8. just to be correct 1 "" !"life_fnc_bountyprofupdate" !"life_fnc_wantedprofupdate" is the way you'd do it right? and also im using the battle wardon rcon tool so i can reload scripts but aside from that i know how to code but i've never seen anything close to this anyway ima test this and get back to you
  9. Alright I will test it and get back to you thanks for the help btw
  10. I've read both those links but still can't set it up correctly note i am really new to this kinda stuff what i got now: !="To 89a08ec786d665b1a906be48ad43778a)exitWith\n{\life_fnc_bountyprofupdate = x;\n};\n} \nforEach allPlayers;\life_fnc_bountyprofupdate" @JedINyte
  11. So today i added bounty hunting from this post and i fixed one of the bugs i had in functions.hpp then i logged into the server got into the spawn menu and spawned then it kicked me for remoteexec restriction #1 been trying to fix this for hours but no luck, anyway any help possible would be greatly appreciated i really want to keep bounty hunting in my server. scripts.log scripts.txt remoteeexec.log remoteexec.txt Server rtp
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