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  1. Disclaimer: This server is a work in progress, and some features may not yet be complete. TSĀ³: Website: a3life.enjin.com (temporarily WIP with ads.) Server IP: We are an Arma 3 Life server running on Lakeside, with some custom scripts and some mixed scripts from CL3, CG, and A3PL. We are a steadily growing community working towards getting a stable player base, with people who play on a daily basis. We strictly enforce the use of RP in game, however we do allow contact through external VoIPs, but meta-gaming will be punished. Our staff team does its best to keep the community fun for everyone, and the server is updated on a regular basis with new scripts and bug fixes. Due to being a modded server, you are required to download mods, however they can be found on the steam workshop for quick download and easy access. Some General Info you may want to know: We have donations, however they do not give an unfair advantage, due to Bohemia's Terms of Service. The servers are up 24/7 with minimal downtime. We are searching for Police We are searching for EMS We are searching for Staff We do not tolerate any hacking or RDM, and encourage these to be reported. Experienced Senior Administration team. Experienced Heads of Police and EMS forces. We guarantee you will have a great time playing on the server (Provided that we get a nice playerbase) This post will be updated as time progresses. Pictures and video footage will be added soon.
  2. Hi, so I am working on an A3L server and getting 'Setting up client, Please Wait' I will give logs as requested: (RPT too long for pastebin): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhsy9cadvcad98v/arma3server_2016-11-12_19-12-01.rpt?dl=0
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