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  1. Francis Fanzer

    People die 3times when they are already dead Help?

    I already tried that didt work do you have more things i can try?
  2. Francis Fanzer

    People die 3times when they are already dead Help?

    I already did that but there is a hospital that spawn cows and animals thats not in the mpmission how do fix it because thats doing so people die twice when they are in the dead menu
  3. So basicaly when people die it slowly becomes blury on the screen when you are dead and after that they die and spawn in water and under the water there is a hospital that is not in the mpmission placed can someone help please!?
  4. Hey i am thinking about releasing my new Weapon GUI That i am currently working on its not done yet but tell me if i should release it? Script made for roleplay servers
  5. Francis Fanzer

    [UK/EU] FrapsGaming | frapsgamingremarsterd.enjin.com

    Hey is there a program called Fraps lmao :)?
  6. Hey. Francis here just wantet to say there is a new lakeside server up that is EU So all people is welcome! and we are using A3L Framework whit more cool features hope you will join us Our Features Maverick Convoy script Maverick Tunning script More NoPixel Clothing And Cool Modded vehicles Custom UI Hud Custom Phone Gang Base And Gang Vest and gang shop to Gangs! Self Build op map ofcores not lakeside but All the other stuff thats on it! Custom Police / EMS Clothing! And much more Some Pictures of the server https://imgur.com/a/GFNpN https://imgur.com/a/CbNFA https://imgur.com/a/TGmbQ https://imgur.com/a/oMbSA https://imgur.com/a/LrMq8 Hope ill see you on our server Server Name: FrapsGaming Teampseak server atm we oly have a free one!: fr1.tx1.cx:16870 By Francis Fanzer