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  1. Can u tell me how enable medkit revive please ?
  2. I can't revive a player in faction medic , i thing script dont work can u give me tutorial please and thank u <3
  3. FIXED ! no more errors in RPT Logs : https://pastebin.com/VxwsZLez But still can't revive
  4. soo i need delete the Dealer_3 right ?
  5. only 2 dealer drug with variable names : Dealer_2 , Dealer_1
  6. No it's its Altis RPG 5.0 server , this script its for vanilla ?
  7. Lol , that bad mistake Thank u ! <3 i have fix it and for init.sqf please ?
  8. and i have buy some scripts too ..
  9. No i have make them by with some tutorials ...
  10. This is my fn_AAN.sqf : https://pastebin.com/zEMsLiLK , i dont have edit nothing on it But at init.sqf : https://pastebin.com/GAcq19Ud , i have add script for cleanup Help me
  11. I can't revive even with a defibrilator , i have see thos errors can u help me please to fix them
  12. Hello , I have probleme on my mission , i can't revive players in faction Medic . I can see them at map when they die + request medic but when i go to revive him i spam windows key and nothing doo ... please help me , Thank u ! Last RPT Logs : https://pastebin.com/vJTkLgn8