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  1. i will in a bit hanging out with my son before he goes wback with mom give me a bit actually same name as u spelt Caiden though
  2. followed the steps here. can not gather. 4.4r4stringtable.xml Config_Process.hppConfig_vItems.hppConfig_Licenses.hpp Config_Gather.hpp
  3. Config_Process.hppstringtable.xmlConfig_Gather.hppConfig_Licenses.hppConfig_vItems.hpp my files
  4. i cant get it to work did all as stated
  5. so remove that and I can open from car?
  6. i can open the gate from inside of car but not with the hot key, even if changed case.
  7. just did a fresh server install and took out infistar and still does it https://pastebin.com/KrKFGJXy
  8. 4.4r4 Server is up and 'playing' im able to join. once the mission gets to the point where its downloaded, like 1kb away from done or whatever, it boots you from the server all together. was working find previous builds, only thing Ive recently changed was clothes. previous builds do it now as well HELP!!!!!!!! RPT https://pastebin.com/e02hMkfs
  9. setting up a server, like right now, but hosthavoc offers rcon what is better, and what would you recommend?
  10. SHout our to @Deadlesszombie for helping me get it running!!
  11. i have check all of that and it is okay still cant pull a db log un less im in wrong area. rbt log : https://pastebin.com/yLSLNG6s
  12. i see a call for extdb2 and i have extdb3
  13. i can get in after hard respawningbut no y menu. def data base issue im new to all of this
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