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  1. i will in a bit hanging out with my son before he goes wback with mom give me a bit actually same name as u spelt Caiden though
  2. followed the steps here. can not gather. 4.4r4stringtable.xml Config_Process.hppConfig_vItems.hppConfig_Licenses.hpp Config_Gather.hpp
  3. Config_Process.hppstringtable.xmlConfig_Gather.hppConfig_Licenses.hppConfig_vItems.hpp my files
  4. i cant get it to work did all as stated
  5. so remove that and I can open from car?
  6. i can open the gate from inside of car but not with the hot key, even if changed case.
  7. setting up a server, like right now, but hosthavoc offers rcon what is better, and what would you recommend?
  8. SHout our to @Deadlesszombie for helping me get it running!!
  9. i have check all of that and it is okay still cant pull a db log un less im in wrong area. rbt log : https://pastebin.com/yLSLNG6s
  10. i see a call for extdb2 and i have extdb3
  11. i can get in after hard respawningbut no y menu. def data base issue im new to all of this
  12. got past that now its stuck at setting up client.. ugh
  13. i see alot of videos jsut removing it. does battle eye do sufficient job on keeping hackers out?
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