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  1. So can we see these "Custom HUD's" and "Custom Tablet" apart from that what else is custom since you advertise "custom scripts"? I'm not really seeing anything in your list that hasn't already been made? I'm not having a dig people just frown upon the phrase "custom scripts" when reality there isn't Regards, Nathan
  2. Nathan B

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Can we have some more detail? Does it appear on the scroll wheel as civ? Do you get any errors if it is in the scroll wheel menu when you try and put it on? Thanks, Nathan
  3. Hi all, Not sure where to post this so I ended up choosing here. But staff feel free to move if found necessary somewhere else. Most people won't even have realized this bug, but since the recent ArmA 3 Update, it has partially broken cop and medic lights after re-joining. Basically, you can activate your lights and everyone on the server can see them....that's great news, however, someone new join or you leave and re-connect and you will no longer see the lights until they are deactivated and reactivated. There has been a fixed release on GitHub for this but thought I would post it on here as well, as most people don't even know about this bug. All accreditation goes towards the GitHub author/creator of this! GitHub Link to Pull Request: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/pull/411 Many Thanks, Nathan
  4. I think just lock the thread. Its not really down to us now, they need to find the impersonator. Like I said it was never a post to shame anyone or any community. It was just a warning post. At the time this happened (2am) we weren't all thinking straight and was more of a panic. We have complied to what SimZor said about removing direct address of himself as we appreciate that it's not fair. We have provided what we had and is completely down to him what he does with it now. So don't really see any point of this being open to anymore discussion.
  5. Well its more than likely someone from his community impersonating him. We sent him the IP that we logged and asked him to check for any traces on his side. He completely ignored this; changing the subject every time we brought this up. All it took was a minute or two to check the IP on his side, to help him find who it was that done this. Doesn't bother me if he doesn't care it's not ourselves that are named, it's him, so you would of thought he would of wanted us to give him the IP so he can check who it was then we can alter our threads accordingly.
  6. I'm not one to post bad comments. Either but mine is mainly about Respawn's behavior. He calls himself a developer which is fair enough he done some stuff on our server. However when he is a developer he becomes a very biased character and secretly adds more over-powered items to a faction that he may be playing in, so watch out for that. Also if you have any suggestions for the community you may aswell not waste your time he came up with every excuse in the world to stop from adding it to the server. He becomes very toxic when he is 'on-duty' in-game starts shouting and abusing people. Nether the less his other staff members. Once we 'kicked' respawn from his position people from my community showed me footage of Respawn using in-game powers when playing on the server. This behavior disgust me and why his previous 3 servers haven't worked. The name changes are obvious and I want people to know its you. You may as-well give up Respawn you know you aren't fit to run a community! And for an example he doesn't like criticism. I asked a question on their website asking why the map was so dull and if the players were suppose to be toxic as I was told to 'go f*** myself'. The post was deleted and no comment was given. I now know I will receive a ban from his website for telling him this. But thats fine, it shows that he is also ban happy because I am telling people the truth. But like JedINyte said if you would love a server were the admins abuse and just don't care and become biased towards their friends then this is the place for you. PS This isn't toxic at all before people complain I am letting people know about a dirty admin abuser
  7. Is there a way to limit how many members people cab upgrade to in there gang as currently looked through the gang files and found nothing what so ever. If anyone knows of a way please let me know Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a script that will allow a user that has the license "license_civ_g8security" to have flashing lights on their vehicles but the color orange. Was looking at the cop lights and medic but they seem rather confusing so wonder if anyone knows how to do this if its possible. Thanks for any help in advance
  9. Still says that I can buy it for $-1 ? https://gyazo.com/29c6d34c2f68f5d3cc735b73c8c16613 And replaced 6500 with -1
  10. So is the 6500 the BuyPrice ? If so what would I change it to disable the buy Price ?
  11. Hey, Sorry this may be really obvious but I am not sure if it can be done. But I added crafting into the server so 7.62 can only be crafted but is it possible to disable the buy price and just have a sell price so people cannot but them I tried this code but you can just buy the weapon for $-1 ? { "srifle_EBR_ACO_F", "", -1, 200000 } Any ideas if you do please let me know Thanks in advance !
  12. So should I change the port for Rcon in the BEServer or Config.cfg ?
  13. Hi all, Been having some issues with setuping up BEC for my Arma 3 Altis Life Server. Whenever I try and start BEC it will try and connect with the BattleEye but then prints "No Valid Response, Try to reconnect". I will paste my BEServer.bfg and Config.cfg and the directorys of these if you can please try and help, tried other fixes I found but still doesnt work. Battleye Server Directory : C:\arma3server\ServerProfiles\Users\root\BattleEye\ BEC Config Directory : C:\arma3server\Bec\Config\ Config files : https://pastebin.com/Gu2yY57H Anyone has any solutions pelase help! Thanks in advance
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