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  1. Lee Kun

    medic revive problem

    Thanks, i'll have a look at this later today
  2. Lee Kun

    medic revive problem

    I'm running on Altis Life 5.0, I've got the files probably 6-7 months ago I've made a lot of changes such a custom interaction menus, dialogs, phone.
  3. I have a problem that I've been trying to fix for a while now but couldn't fix. When a player gets revived he stays dead on the floor and I get the message saying that player has been revived. I went through server logs and client logs and there's no errors at all as I've fixed them all previously. Has anyone had this issue before and could lead me in the right direction on which file i should be looking at?
  4. Lee Kun

    Chat Emjios

    I have this problem http://prntscr.com/lb7dxc inside my description ext class RscTitles { #include "dialog\progress.hpp" #include "dialog\hud_nameTags.hpp" #include "dialog\hud_stats.hpp" #include "dialog\RL_progress.hpp" #include "plugins\chat\chat_dialog.hpp" }; class CfgFunctions { #include "Functions.hpp" #include "maverick\maverick_functions_master.cpp" class dtk_plugins { #include "plugins\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; };
  5. Lee Kun

    Chat Emjios

    Don't have a folder CHVD
  6. Lee Kun