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  1. I'll give it a go tomorrow while i'm adding other things to the server. But ive got a question on making the script slightly more "advanced". How would one add all types of "bullets" to be deleted e.g. Missiles, Mines & Smokes & Would you allow the reuse of your Life_Safezones to be repurposed to deny people from Knocking out/Robbing & Finishing people off while inside the safezones? Its an amazing starting script for greenzones but im looking to making one with more depth to it like Notifications when entering/leaving, Stopping people Robbing/Knocking out/Restaining/Lockpicking & Basically anything else illegal while inside the Greenzones/Safezones
  2. Tbh, Have fixed majority of the problems after re writing multiple scripts but now just slowly getting stuck of the weirder ones like this one where they some reason make an entire Framework just for simple scripts
  3. Food & Water do not go down anymore & playertags have disapeared. No Errors in my RPT Client/Server. Installed both Base and Script files on fresh 5.0 Altis life, still didn't work.
  4. Quick Solution While Developing/Making, Just set all them 5 & every other number at the start of the line to 1, This will basically just turn BEfilters into a Logging system, Once you've done everything you need on the server, go through and re create your filters to work around your server.
  5. Hi, So if you're Still trying to fix this, I changed the script to work for my server, Should hopefully help you make some progress. I don't have "cop_extendedSkins" on, But Change "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam" To match your Uniform Class for your main Uniforms (im guessing you're keeping Range Master). As I was using a Different uniform (Like you are) i just created another if Statement just further out basically doing the same checks but for a different uniform. The Bottom "if(backpack player != "") then {" is for invisble Backpacks if you want them aswell For yours it should be something like: case west: { if (uniform player isEqualTo "U_Rangemaster") then { _skinName = "textures\cop_uniform.jpg"; player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, _skinName]; }; if (uniform player isEqualTo "U_B_CTRG_1") then { _skinName = "textures\Police\CTSFO.paa"; player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, _skinName]; }; }; If This doesnt work, Send me your Discord & ill help you further on there!
  6. I use this script, It picks up the Markers & then if any bullet/projectile is shot into the greenzone it'll just delete it, This does mean cops cannot tazer within the area. But small price to pay to stop trolls 😄
  7. I'm Running Altis Life 5.0 , We've had Fatigue disabled since the start & its been running fine, Randomly half way through a restart Fatigue started to appear on recent people who have joined, I restarted my game & i ended up getting the stamina bar aswell, No Errors in RPT & haven't changed Config Master. Config_Mater https://pastebin.com/cgh1mLR1 Server RPT https://pastebin.com/x0ixYSgq
  8. Having multiple Problems with infistar & now some other things. Lines 1-14 Are all Infistar based & the others are just random ones thats popped up. Server RPT: https://pastebin.com/vEf9NpUf 19:38:22 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#exec users' by server. 19:38:22 [[4,"Kimi"]] 19:38:22 Error in expression <[""]]]; ["armalog" callExtension ("7" + _url)] param [0, ["_out", "", [""]]]; _o> 19:38:22 Error position: <_url)] param [0, ["_out", "", [""]]]; _o> 19:38:22 Error Undefined variable in expression: _url 19:38:22 Error in expression <793d&pr=A3'] call FN_ARMA_FETCHDATA; if(_res find '$do$' != -1)exitWith{_res = (> 19:38:22 Error position: <_res find '$do$' != -1)exitWith{_res = (> 19:38:22 Error Undefined variable in expression: _res 19:38:22 " 2.679 - loading AntiHack.." 19:38:22 Wrong init state 19:38:21 CallExtension 'updatearmalog' could not be found 19:38:21 " updatearmalog callExtension: 19:38:50 "[Display #24]" 19:42:53 Scripting function 'bis_fnc_execvm' is not allowed to be remotely executed 19:38:21 CallExtension 'updatearmalog' could not be found 19:38:21 " updatearmalog callExtension: " 19:38:19 Error: Object(2 : 520) not found 19:38:19 Error: Object(2 : 521) not found 19:38:19 Error: Object(2 : 547) not found
  9. Hi, Im having issues with the Map markers Changing, The script is fully working, People can capture, Police Can capture & the gang funds go up per person on server. Only problem im running into is the map markers dont change too "Contested" when someone else has came into the area & there is no In-game message for when someones Capturing an area (but it does send a message when police attempt to Neutralize an area) I believe its not doing checks constantly while capturing too see if someones walked into the area
  10. In the Original File Which is placed in The Admin Folder.
  11. Hey how does one Add Health, Food and Water Onto The Status Bar on Altis 4.4r4?
  12. I swapped my file for your one that I downloaded and it still doesn't work I just think the VDM script doesn't work at all same as everyone else has been saying
  13. Its not working for me Either using @AlaskaVet File has made my tasers not work anymore either.
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