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  1. Cristik

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    Goes to show I'm new at this, didn't notice that line. I'll go through again and try it out, had to scrap the zipties for now as there was more pressing things to add for my mission file. Thanks for the reply though man.
  2. Cristik

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    Alright so everything does work as intended but there are a few issues I found. 1. Rebels can pull out any players from any vehicles. 2. Rebels can't restrain cops. 3. Rebels can just run up and un-restrain someone that a cop restrains. I noticed in the keyHandler that it checks from civilian and east so I added west, now when trying to restrain a cop it says you cuffed them and takes a ziptie but doesn't restrain them. As for pulling people out of vehicles I'm sure there's a easy fix to check if you have keys to the car to be able to pull people out. For the un-restraining I was thinking maybe instead of just unrestraing you need a lockpick and have to go through a progress bar like picking a vehicle. If anyone can help with these issues I would appreciate it, thanks for the original tutorial though it's a great start.
  3. Works perfect, goes nice with the radiation zone script on this forum. Thanks
  4. Cristik

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Is it possible to move the seatbelt option below the get out/eject options?
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