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  1. Could you tell me the object name or code you are using?
  2. Does this mean bringing a dead body instead of dragging the vehicle? and not work
  3. I can not understand exactly what this is.
  4. Likey

    extDB3 error

    Hi, I have installed version 5.0 of Altis Life. I prepared everything but I can not connect to the database. help me.. The version is 5.0 and I am using extDB3. As a result of my RPT 'CallExtension' extDB3 'could not be found'Is shown. It is also not visible in the logs of my extDB3. Somebody please help me please. My database name is altislife and I wrote it exactly like extDB3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERVER RPG https://hastebin.com/ipawubobec.tex extdb3-conf https://hastebin.com/yedezuvato.vbs extdb3-conf.ini arma3server_x64_2017-11-19_20-58-20.rpt
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