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  1. Sorry, I don't really just want to give my graphics out, because I worked very hard on this. Tip for you go on youtube and learn the basics of photoshop and it will be much easier for you!! @Cajun
  2. I appreciate the criticism, I will be taking what you said into consideration. Under what section would I be posting something like this if not here. Thanks
  3. Hello, My name is Kevin. I'm also known as Kevin Winchester. You have probably never heard of me or of my work. I'm a texture or graphics designer. This is a hobby on the side. I really enjoy making stuff like this, but I wanted to show the community my custom phone or y-menu that I made a while back when I was helping out on a server that never was put up. Please tell me what I could improve on and please give criticism so I can improve. I made a little showcase where you can view the phone / y-menu
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