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  1. John Meiers

    Orion Reborn | Malden Life | Roleplay

    You could of asked for a name change, you have asked before
  2. John Meiers


    Like what setting have you messed with ?
  3. John Meiers

    [Tutorial] Uranium Mine 4.4

    Rpt logs server and client
  4. John Meiers


    More info would help
  5. John Meiers

    Have a laugh with InifiStar!

  6. John Meiers

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Well better change the icons off of the Altis Life Framework then, because those where copy into the framework from Tonic off of a website.
  7. John Meiers

    Traffic light script for the e76 traffic lights

    Worthless better? damn auto correct.
  8. John Meiers

    Traffic light script for the e76 traffic lights

    What a worstless comment
  9. John Meiers

    How to break mavericks pbo blocker

    Damn I’m late to the party.... FUCK !!!
  10. John Meiers

    [5.0, 4.X] DragBody

    I know this is a place, where people can go for help, but damn people not going to make it for you. Show a little intelligence by showing what code you have tried. Just don’t epect others to do it for you.
  11. John Meiers

    New Serious RP Server

    Much better
  12. John Meiers

    whitelisting myself as a medic

    In the database under player
  13. John Meiers


  14. John Meiers

    How do I disable jump script????

  15. John Meiers

    Professional Beyond Roleplay (PBR)| Hardcore RP| Alpha

    Yeah $ for them eyes