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  1. Nathan | FastTortoise.co.uk

    [HELP] life_server is broken

    Pretty sure there is a GitHub for a fix for asynccall file. I can see if I can find it for you. Have this error stopped your database working as well? Can you send me the fn_asyncCall.sqf as well please so I can take a look Regards, Nathan | Revenant UK
  2. Nathan | FastTortoise.co.uk

    FastTortoise | Professional Website Management

    Update: Brief description on self-managed / provide your own hosting provider
  3. Nathan | FastTortoise.co.uk

    FastTortoise | Professional Website Management

    The whole point of a managed service is that you don't have to do any work. Some people like managed service as they have no extra workload that they already have. Some people don't. We don't just do a managed service we do also do website development for yourself but you can provide your own hosting provider. Like I said any questions please do just contact me at my email: [email protected]
  4. Nathan | FastTortoise.co.uk

    FastTortoise | Professional Website Management

    If you send this email to the Sales Team at [email protected] They will give you a timescale and pricing for you.
  5. Nathan | FastTortoise.co.uk

    FastTortoise | Professional Website Management

    FastTortoise.co.uk | Professional Website Management Hi All, Postage Allowance Before anyone steps in and says, this isn't allowed I have been in contact with an administrator of this forums and kindly has allowed us to post an advertisement post for your benefit. Thanks for the opportunity from the staff team at AltisLifeRPG Overview FastTortoise was established in 2014 as a Technical Support company due to alterations of the customers' needs and company background. We have migrated to a full website management service. This means that we host, make and support your website for you so no extra workload for you when you have already acquire loads of work on your shoulders already. Why chose us? We have experts that know the code to make your perfect website. Our experts have years of experience to help you brand your organization quickly and effectively. We are affordable with monthly, bi-annual and annual billing to fit your needs. We can also fit your budget with a custom quote evaluation with our expert sales team. We have a 99.99% uptime because we maintain our servers in a healthy environment. We have many services that can also help your organization function, for example, eCommerce, Emails and so much more. If you want to find anything out visit our website to get in contact with our amazing customer service team. Managed Service We are a fully managed service meaning you have no access to your website. This is so we can keep your website on as much as possible as it is less likely to experience downtime with interference. Secondly, we only provide a managed service so our development team know what needs to be done and know how to do it. If it is self-managed the support side of our business wouldn't work as well as we would expect it to with being a managed service. Self Managed We have been asked about our managed service. We don't just do a managed service we do website development and you can provide your own hosting provider if that is preferred. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get in contact with us with any proposals or questions at our website Website: https://fasttortoise.co.uk/ Email: [email protected] Telephone: Coming Soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a basic inital post and I am sure it will be altered over time.