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  1. Post locked, warned multiple times to keep everything on topic and not toxic. If you want to air drama then please go elsewhere.
  2. Do you actually know and understand what Finite State Machines are?
  3. I've hidden all of the off-topic conversation, please keep things civil and don't bring unrelated drama into threads.
  4. What's your favorite thing about the hpp language?
  5. Probably should all have been said in your post admittedly
  6. Depends on the intentions of OP script. It seems that OPs script stops people taking your mission and running it, if that is true then yes it works as intended It doesn't say that it will stop people obtaining a copy of it, just means they wont be able to run it without editing it - if they even spot the script anyway
  7. Also since you have stated you have bought it and want to share it, I am going to assume that you may not have the rights to redistribute and am removing the upload link
  8. This appears to be a copy of EdgeKiller's crafting system from ~3.1, Please only upload other peoples work if it is within the following: - Publicly available with permissions to reupload - Properly credited to the original author These both apply even if you have edited their content Also in future please put the contents of the script(s) in the post rather than a file upload (you can use spoilers to hide/show the content)
  9. -mod="/home/arma3/steamcmd/arma3/@extDB2\;/home/arma3/steamcmd/arma3/@life_server\;/home/arma3/steamcmd/arma3/@infiSTAR_A3\;"
  10. I have asked Monte to do so but I believe he is currently asleep, should be moved some point today hopefully
  11. Hello all, Today we had a thread reported "Tool: Generator Class & Shop Arma3 Altislfie" which contained a tool to generate Config_Vehicle classes for vehicles and stores based on text box inputs (see image below). Upon investigation the application (although functional) included a RAT (remote access tool / backdoor) and a key logger. The tool included a dropper which installed the virus onto your machine and onto any connected storage devices such as USB sticks, if you have ran this application I would highly recommend formatting any external storage devices. VirusTotal scan of the .rar file VirusTotal scan of the executed virus The user who created the post has since been banned and the post removed. IMPORTANT If you had downloaded this application (from either here or from the link in the video description from the post) then please check the following (only applicable for Windows): remove SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS from your windows environment variables (how-to). check for c91b31a7dd6aea056205bfae04cfff82 in your windows registry (use regedit, ctrl-f) if you find it remove the entry. (how-to) If you are aware that your machine has been infected, I would recommend blocking traffic with the IP address it communicates with ( (how-to). We do not condone attacking that IP address or it's owner and do not know if the owner is aware of the virus acting from it, steps have been taken to contact them. Going forward we will be taking steps to ensure this does not happen again, we have since made the tools sub-forum require all threads to be approved before being posted to the site where we will run VirusTotal scans of all content uploaded to the thread before allowing it. Any positives from the scans will be investigated as false positives can still occur. We would like to thank you for your understanding and are sorry to those affected.
  12. Does this happen with only the framework files (i.e. no edits)? or is this an error caused by an alteration you have made?
  13. Hey! IEthanHD the god is back, glorious.
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