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  1. I would not. You should use the files from the releases tab or the 5.x branch which is the releases files plus bug fixes https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/tree/v5.X.X although this branch is updated so keep that in mind, although there shouldn't be any breaking changes made to it
  2. Couldn't get it working, Steam OAuth didn't work (even with my own api key) and any lookups returned status code 500, not sure if an empty database caused this?
  3. Hi XaFlaForo, got any demo site of this available?
  4. Post locked, warned multiple times to keep everything on topic and not toxic. If you want to air drama then please go elsewhere.
  5. Do you actually know and understand what Finite State Machines are?
  6. I've hidden all of the off-topic conversation, please keep things civil and don't bring unrelated drama into threads.
  7. What's your favorite thing about the hpp language?
  8. Probably should all have been said in your post admittedly
  9. Depends on the intentions of OP script. It seems that OPs script stops people taking your mission and running it, if that is true then yes it works as intended It doesn't say that it will stop people obtaining a copy of it, just means they wont be able to run it without editing it - if they even spot the script anyway
  10. Also since you have stated you have bought it and want to share it, I am going to assume that you may not have the rights to redistribute and am removing the upload link
  11. This appears to be a copy of EdgeKiller's crafting system from ~3.1, Please only upload other peoples work if it is within the following: - Publicly available with permissions to reupload - Properly credited to the original author These both apply even if you have edited their content Also in future please put the contents of the script(s) in the post rather than a file upload (you can use spoilers to hide/show the content)
  12. -mod="/home/arma3/steamcmd/arma3/@extDB2\;/home/arma3/steamcmd/arma3/@life_server\;/home/arma3/steamcmd/arma3/@infiSTAR_A3\;"
  13. Hey! IEthanHD the god is back, glorious.
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